Holy Shit someone call Nancy Grace.

Lil 13 year old Marina didn’t know any better then to go recklessly [mastur] batin around the tubes of the interwebz. Seems she decided to get naked with the wrong people and she got herself recorded. Most obviously this is highly illegal for such a recording to have been made and exist. Nevertheless it was passed around online and the video got into the hands of someone who was willing to attempt a blackmail on Marina, trying to get her to do more batin on cam.

Marina recorded her AIM conversations with her blackmailer and posted the videos on her Stickam profile. The videos were promptly removed, but watching the interactions between her and her blackmailer was an interesting thing to witness.

Blackmailing online is not uncommon at all as many well know from personal experience. In this case Marina gets her father involved who contacts the police. In the second video — around 31:00 min into it — the audio begins in which you hear Marina crying helplessly as her blackmailer displays how much personal information he knows about her including who her friends are and information about her parents. In the video she writes that she is 13, but later in a private conversation she claimed that she was 15 — who knows. We were going to edit the videos but we opted to leave them in their original state.

[Vid 1: 10:34 / Vid 2: 43:57]


After this traumatizing episode, little cute Marina is now, days later, comfortably back batin on Stickam like with 17 year old hottie Talon (who is rumored to have a fantastically huge penis). Perhaps one day we’ll be able to post Marina’s n00dz when she is legal. lulz.

http://www.stickam.com/marinaaxo [backup]

Center For Lollatology <3


  1. That’s pathetic people would record her.
    And it’s pathetic of me to say that’s a skanky as thing to do on the internet for randoms, and this girl looks like scene!fail.

  2. um im actualyy not. so really fuck off. i wasnt gonna even take my clothing off for that dude on the aim i was fucking staling him. soo really.

  3. bahahah i love the “bring me the horizon<3
    i love them! <33” on her profile

    cutee you would like them and put a heart next to it

  4. because, anonymous.
    13 year old bating on the internet thought she wasn’t getting recorded, loltrust
    Girl was obviously manipulated and corrupted

    fucking with people is entertaining
    entertainment = lol/lmao/rofl. etc

  5. aw~. the kiddies have yet to learn. one-woman pleasure parties are reserved for movie stars and wanna-be pornettes. children, your pussy will be distributed around the interwebs. there is no other way it could turn out. interwebs > privacy morals and laws. just because you’re pre-pubescent won’t stop people from handing out your n00dz like pez dispensers at a garage sale. learn.

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