Its one thing to see Brittany’s big, busty titties…

But another thing seeing monkey boy Bisante imitate them, as only Bisante could do it:

We think what was actually going on here was the pro Skeezy helping Bisante practice posing for that big day when he actually takes some of his own. Gawd bless ya Skeezy.

As of this post, there are 114 days (2756 hours) till Bisante’s 18th Birthday. On that date we will legally be allowed to splash his cack n’ balls in the n00dz section! The question is, will this be happening?

Theres no ‘I’ in ‘n00dz’ people! This is gonna take teamwork!

We are stocking up on champagne and party favors here at the CFL getting ready for the big day. Love him or hate him, the fate of the world & millions of gay oriented cumshots could depend on this.


  1. dayum girl lemme get at them tits

    i love me some skeezy ayo
    and just to clear this shit up
    guys like girls with a lil meat on their bones

  2. Okay first lets get this shit straight.
    Skeezy is not fat. She is so fucking beautiful, im gay and i would tap dat.
    Second, most of you people hating and saying she isnt are all anon, therefore your thoughts/judgments = crap, cause we dont know if you are a 400 pound man whom hasnt left his room in 6 months.
    thank you very much :]

  3. I dunno where half these fat comments come from, you cant even see her stomach…besides, she’s not fat IRL, we had an Ice Machine date at a hotel ^_^

    I love this girl…fuh sho…

  4. don’t make fun of brittany you faggots, she’s not fat.
    you’re just jealous because her boobs are better than yours.

  5. Talk about Pedos, WTF? Waiting for someone to turn 18 lmao fuckin fags. Oh but the girl has nice tits, if she is over 18 otherwise J/k.

  6. first of all, she is not fat. she doesn’t have to be 90 fucking pounds like most girls on this site. she is gorgeous, end of point.

    second, damnnn girl.

    i love you skeezy!

  7. yumyumyumyum

    I love that shit.

    Just because she has big knockers doesn’t mean she’s fat you dumb fucks.

  8. ugly chunky bitches? gosh you’re a badass aren’t you.. how about posting with your name instead of anonymous shittalker.. and don’t hate Brittany is hella cute.

    ily brittttttt<3333!

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