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Teenage Mother Masturbates Next to Own Child


Early this morning StickyDrama was sent a image that appears to depict a teenage mother masturbating next to an infant.  Such an act, in addition being morally repugnant, probably violates several statutes pertaining to exposing children to obscenity.
The teenager has been identified by matching furniture depicted in her Facebook photos with furniture depicted in the Skype call.
There has been speculation as to whether the female was forced or coerced into masturbating next to the infant—specifically that she was “blackmailed.”  The portion of the Skype conversation in our possession does not indicate any blackmail, but does not necessarily disprove blackmail was involved either:
StickyDrama was not sent the screencap by the person who recorded the Skype session.  We do not know whether a complete video recording even exists.  We are attempting to locate the person who was Skyping with the female in order to determine the precise circumstances in which the incident occurred.


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