In general, breakups are a veritable cornucopia of drama, n00dz and on-cam mudslinging. Yet Kayvon Zand and Little Miss Paige seem to be the exception that proves the rule: Since their separation neither one has publicly dished dirt on their ex. Thankfully discretion means nothing to Ev0, a hacker who had on their websites—and allegedly on their various holes in a drunken 3-way.

While mostly known for hacking Myspace accounts, from time to time Ev0 terrorizes innocents on Stickam as well. Recently StickyDrama found him Live, telling his viewers all the lubricious details of the fuckfest.

Cocksize and sodomy being topical subjects on StickyDrama, we remark that Ev0 claims to be the better-endowed, and unfortunately that no male assholes were penetrated.
When asked to confirm or deny the story, Kayvon replied with a question: “Who’s Ev0?” After being linked to Ev0’s profile, he just said “I don’t do bestiality.” The shameless self-promoting e-whore then once again reminded us to vote for him in the Vman Ford Models 2008 Model Search.
The characteristically loose Paige was for once tight-lipped. While acknowledging a certain familiarity with both Kayvon and Ev0, she had “no comment” in this particular matter.


  1. ohkay;
    so i used to talk to ev0.
    alot actually.
    and hes not a hacker.
    he cant hack worth a shit.
    he can phish. that is not hacking.
    phishing is simply tricking people into signing into fake password snatchers.
    and this video that he made;
    is bull shit.
    he made it simply to get some attention.
    get a life ev0;
    go outside and play some more.
    and gtfo the internet.

  2. LOL, Ev0 Doesn’t know how to hack:p. He may be able to do some tricks, but hacking no. He told me straight up he only knows Html and the very basics of PHP.

  3. Ok.. Evo…
    I lived with you for a few
    months. You smell like feet.
    I don’t think you know
    how to wash your ass.
    You have cum stains all over
    your underwear the you would leave
    all around the house.
    Prob cause you’re in
    the closet and dream about
    touching kayvon!!!
    You told me you slept with
    all these girls in my town
    and when I asked them they
    didn’t even know who you are!
    I came home one night
    and you were passed out in
    your own puke half
    naked.. I took pictures.
    Stop the bullshit.
    You know that your too
    nasty to have a threesome.
    Maybe you dreamt it!!

  4. this is the girl u said u fucked and deleted her myspace, lol.
    didnt think id let that one out did u

  5. well, i guess this could all be true..
    if ‘evo’ halved his body mass, shaved, minus-ed his ratty-look with surgery and didn’t drool over the attention kayvon gets, compared to him, it all as well could be..

  6. well kayvon isn’t all that kids, he lived in north carolina and was a telemarketer and the whole gay community used to have to listen to his made up fantasies. he’s not all that and trust me, alot of his stickam shows are nothing more than what he is at heart. a front. evo i know nothing about. but this isn’t the first time i’ve heard stuff like this about special k. he was known for it here before he took off.

  7. ugh this dude is Vile. no one believes you, why would Kayvon or that girl he was dating touch you?
    your nasty lookin for real man. You should try to get this video of you off the internet. Everyone is laughing at you Evo from myspace, lol

  8. Dude you are so fucking retarded. Seriously. You are so ugly as well. Ya need to take your bambakafookie ass to your local dentist and have them give you some braces and wire your mouth shut so you can’t talk shit about people. You are a joke and a half fool. Ya need to straight up get bent and quit trying to fucking get attention cause you know what it ain’t happening. Your just pissed cause this is your fifteen mins of fame.
    Kayvon and Paige haven’t even known one another a year yet. My god.
    Do a little bit more research next time.

  9. EW evo youre so fuckign stupid, remember that all this bullshit you made up is about KAYVON.
    not fucking jeffree star.
    first of all, if you were making out with kayvon his weave wouldnt come out. because im POSITIVE that you dont pull peoples hair when you make out with them.
    and HIS EYEBROWS WIPED OFF ON YOUR FACE? becayse kavyon OBVISOULY draws his eyebrows on right? ahahhaha ive been trying to write this for a long time but im laughing so fucking hard. haahahah youre such a fuckign ATTENTION WHORE an ugly attentionwhore
    and why is it that you keep contradicting yourself?
    “next thing i know she has no pants on. and then she had no skirt on either”
    youre repulsive. i have soooo much more shit to say but i dont want to make you look even fuckign dumber. kayvon wouldnt fucking touch you with the weave on his fuckign ballsack.
    OHHHHHH and you blacked out but you remember eating paige out and letting kayvon and paige give you head? while you were passed out…..hmm
    and lmaoooo! the weave that you got put into your hair was at paiges house. not at kayvons fucking retard.
    maybe later ill come back and finish 🙂

  10. Um, who are these ugly guys wearing all that makeup? If you wanna be a girl, get it snipped.
    Evo looks like Perez Hilton.

  11. “And was jerking off for like ten minutes.” LOLLL.
    this sounds kind of stupid, but it could be real, who knows. paige refusing to talk about it seems kind of fishy.

  12. REALLY! OMG THAT IS SO COOL! Ive never met them either, and ive had sex with them, we have so much in common Ev0! Oh wait, we’re both lying, totally forgot to mention that part.

  13. wat a dumb story. Atleast if your gonna create shit you can spice it up more, such a stupid attempt for attention.
    Evo from Myspace?
    I think that says it all.
    Your a lil deslusional buddy. Just a little.
    this has to be a joke or is this kid for real?
    “weaves flyying:” lol I like that part

  14. If you need to drink that much to be involved in a threesome, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing either.
    brb, putting on my selfpromoting ‘capt.cavechan from stickam’ shirt.

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