Meet Ashley.  She is 21 years old.

Meet Ashley’s son, shown here asleep on her bed.  He is an infant, still in diapers.

And, we’re sorry to say, here is Ashley vigorously fingerbanging her pussy just 3 feet in front of him.  Wearing the same shirt as in her Stickam photos, no less.

For decency’s sake, we’ve pixelated Ashley’s nether-regions.  For bandwidth’s sake, we’ve also trimmed her half-hour long camwhore session down to 2 minutes.
StickyDrama of all people can understand the need to fap.  But at least put your kid in his crib or something!  We won’t bother to cite the oodles of state and federal child endangerment statutes Ashley must have broken as she masturbated in the presence of her child—our readers can already find those laws in our similar post about Hot Mami.
Vile skank.


  1. okay for one! ppl are doing worse things in the world then masterbating next to their son. if married couples have sex while their new born baby is asleep in the room is that sick? and the guys that commented it are probally the ones that watched it and liked it until it got out in public. so why doesnt everyone just get over it. if the kid was asleep there should be no reason for everyone to go off on her and make a big fuckin deal outa it. and if u wanna diss on me for protecting her then do it idgaf. you dont know her shes a good person and a good mom so back the fuck off. kthanks =]

  2. A toddler (if he is,) not being fully potty trained (especially boys) is not uncommon, neither is a woman expressing her sexuality.
    But yes, her child being in the same room is very wrong and irresponsible. The child should be in another room and away from the camera.

  3. No way that kid is an infant…lots of young mothers have trouble/are to lazy for potty training. he’s looks about 6. It doesn’t change anything

  4. tisn so much hat she is fappin while her kid is sleeping in the room. It is the fact that she is including him in her debauchery by having him lying there half naked on a cam while the world watches her. Get the kid out of view for the childs sake.

  5. Truth is, legally she can’t go to jail unless her son saw something, just doing something infront of a minor but then being unconcious of seeing it doesn’t damage them any. Really if this kid is 1-2 years old, it’s not normally going to wake from sleep at the hour this was taken.
    Honestly, I see it this way. Some people masturbate with animals in the room, but you aren’t taken to jail for animal abuse because the animals are unconcious of what you are doing. But if you sexually touch the animals, it’s abuse.
    I don’t think it’s a real reason to take her son away from her unless he’s being sexually abused.
    Also, look at the childs size on the bed, it’s almost as long. If not by half, so unless she had a kid at 16-. If that bed is 5 feet. This kids about 3’10”- 4’8” max. This means it’s not an infant. Probably an elder child, around 6-8. And yes kids that age can have bed wetting problems and require a diaper.
    Also since there’s no proof that’s her son or anyone elses, because there’s no face, and if the kid didn’t see anything. Very hard to place charges on her without some actual proof from what child that was.
    It sounds demented how the system works, but.. innocent until proven guilty.
    You posting this here gave her a warning shot, she probably won’t do this again to get caught.

  6. That’s fucked up on so many levels.
    You need to stop being a whore, and be a fucking mother.
    It’s your business what you do behind closed doors, or in your case in front of the computer for sick little pervs to watch, but it’s fucked up for you to subject your poor little boy to that sickness.
    I hope you realize that half of the pedos watching your room weren’t beating off to you and your nasty little cunt, they were beating off to your very young sleeping half naked in the background.
    Think about that bitch.

  7. ew, her child is going to be sooooo fucked up, just like her.
    if MY mom did this and i found a vid of it, i would punch her in the face.
    that poor fucking little kid.

  8. That’s fucking sick.
    Someone needs to put a cork in her cunt to stop the bitch from producing more kids to fap in front of.

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