Would even insincere hypocritical untalented boring spamgod Matthew Lush have the audacity to repeat another misleading banner in which he implies his next show will be his last, only then to announce he’ll actually be selling t-shirts Live even more frequently on Stickam ?
Our readers will recall his previous cheap stunt, when his much-hyped “final show at 5pm on Monday” turned out to be nothing but a literal play on words.
StickyDrama was among the many users whose souls were crestfallen at his announcement of a mere schedule change, instead of a final goodbye.


  1. i dont even like matt anymore but i think its sad you people are making fun of him for not having furniture. living in los angeles is expensive and he wants to stay there because he loves it. i am struggling to get by and stay living in atlanta with my girlfriend. mind you, im in college, so i can only work part time and it is hard to get by.

  2. lol That?s my stomach?awww I think Matthew would be a beautiful girl?but what the fuck would he be going on tour for??? I hope he doesn’t loose his apartment before he can put furniture in it…that would be sad. 🙁

  3. i heard he’s going to texas for a sex change op
    no really … can’t wait to see Melissa Lush in april

  4. i heard from a friend that he was thinking about his career and wat hes gnna start doing with his life for now on or whatever.
    idk i think hes just in a confused state of mind and figuring out wat hes gnna do for a living.

  5. lol, it’s only because he’s going on tour all march. he obviously wouldn’t be able to have his show while living in a van for a month. so what if he isn’t sure when he’ll be home? there’s nothing misleading about this banner.

  6. I wonder if he’s having trouble making the rent on that rabbitt cage apartment? He couldn’t possibly be making that much selling T shirts on getting infrequent modeling assignments from hideous designers like Jared Gold. He can always make a few extra bucks popping rosebude in some cheesy porn movie. “Matthew’s Mangina,” has a nice ring to it . . .

  7. its much less cheaper to make your own matthew lush tshirt, you know they have fake lui
    vitton why not have fake matthew lush tshirt.

  8. we live in hope i guess =]
    and the hope includes praying that this pathetic, worthless, talentless cunt isn’t going up in the world either.
    He does NOT deserve it.

  9. of course he wants the attention since he has no real friends i bet he pays the ones that u see on cam as lame as he is and those weak ass t-shirts i wouldnt even wipe my ass with them.

  10. lol, man don’t worry I won’t tell anybody I read the comment from mikeyy, don’t be paranoid XD.

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