@JeffreeStar’s “Size of your Boat” Tops iTunes Electronic Charts 38 comments

Jeffree Star has just recently released a new single featuring female rapper (is she?) Muffy called “Size of your boat”

In only but a few hours of its (early) release date it made #1 on itunes top albums chart under the genre electronic.

What’s your opinion on Jeffree’s New chart topping song? Will this be the tune you have on repeat this summer?

@jeffreestar- New music video for “Beauty Killer” 19 comments

To be honest, I’m really surprised no one posted this already, but I’ll spare you my griping.

Honestly, I think the video and the song are both steps forward for Jeffree. But the first thing I noticed about this video is that it seems to be on a MUCH smaller budget than the last one, Get Away With Murder. Whoever directed the video did a fair job of making the budget cut look “on-purpose”, though.

The second thing I noticed is Jeffree’s collagen lip injections. I don’t judge him for having this done, but if you pause the video at any time when his mouth is open, you can see that they look swollen and mis-shapen- not like real lips at all.

Jeffree has also personally responded to comments on the YouTube video about his less-than-perfect teeth.

Fan’s Reaction to Beauty Killer: “Come On @JeffreeStar, That’s All You Got?” 45 comments

Alright, so all I could think was that @JeffreeStar would make the best, and I mean the sickest music video for “Beauty Killer.”  That’s actually one of my favorite songs off of his album, which was released September of last year.  After seeing his previous video for “Get away with murder (GAWM),” I seriously thought that @JeffreeStar would go all out this time.  He even said in his twitter that this is a “different” side of him.  It does show him and disgusting @DanielLucasOX naked on a couch:  WOAH, now that’s something the crowd hasn’t seen before, right?

I admit that I still love jeffree and all but, come on he has all this money that he spends on Coach bags, clothes and what not—but he couldn’t put anything into that video?  It’s seriously 3 wigs (plus his regular hair) on a white background, 1 scene on a couch nude with Daniel, and 1 with Jeffree in his blue wig on a chair.  And there’s that occasional ugly crown with his blue hair that he bought at Party City.  But honestly Jeffree, you’ve bored your crowd.  Fire @AustinYoung and get the director for GAWM because this music video SUCKED.

Beauty Killer Music Video
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@JeffreeStar Does Drugs? 29 comments

So Jeffree tweeted last night that he was high:

Of course he could be lying or being overly dramatic … or he could actually be on drugs. I’m guessing coke considering how skinny he is … maybe he’ll share with Dahvie?

Who is this young boy with @JeffreeStar? 36 comments

He added me on myspace buttttt looks pretty fake to me, any one know the real person’s myspace or something??

Jeffree Star, lul

The Music Industry 18 comments

I was looking at a post about Jeffree Star and his life on tour. I’ve been to a few of his concerts … but in conclusion … Jeffree can’t sing for shit. He doesn’t know when to breathe in and when to breathe out in his songs.

He sounds like a constipated fuck. He was AMAZING when I saw him at warped and bamboozle … Now he just got worse. His career is slowly fading. BOTDF is doing better but they’re still going to have a hard time competing with all the music on the radio. For example, Jeffree Star has been around more than half of the people that are on the radio, and the biggest thing he played was probably warped, and he STILL isn’t on the radio or that well known.
If you ask the teen population, “Hey. Who’s Justin Bieber” or “Hey. Who’s Gwen Stefani“… a majority would know. But if you ask the teen population, “Hey. Who’s Jeffree star?” or “Hey. Who’s Blood on the Dance Floor” or even ask them who Brandon Hilton is, I doubt they’d know who they are. More people would know about Justin Bieber, even though he just got famous and they’d also know about Gwen Stefani, because she’s been on MTV, the radio and she’s had HUGE concerts.

I’m saying that even if bands like Jeffree Star, BrokenCYDE, Blood on the Dance Floor and many more made songs that weren’t so obscene and didn’t have many curse words in it, they STILL wouldn’t be able to make it on the radio.  They’re either made to be famous, or they’re all going to be a small garage band playing at low-budget places … never a HUGE stadium like Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, or Britney Spears(when she had her act together)

I was thinking about it last night… And I realized that you can’t 100% depend on your music career to get you through life unless you’re already huge. I know most bands start out as small bands trying to get famous … but the only bands that have played in huge stadiums are the ones that are in magazines and on the radio. The small bands have to pay for just about everything on tour. Buy their merch then sell it, they have to pay for gas, pay for food, pay for drinks, etc. They’re pretty much paying to be famous. And getting $300-$1,000 per show honestly isn’t going to pay for everything. I’m curious as to how many celebs are actually satisfied with their life. Getting tattoos, changing your hair color constantly, getting piercings and things like that aren’t going to make you any bigger than you currently are.
The music industry is HARD and it’s tough. There’s bands competing to be number one and once they get there, they’re considered a sellout. They also have to keep their reputation. You can lose fans if you get in a relationship with someone, you can lose friends if you say one bad thing in an interview, you can lose friends if you change the sound of your music, you can lose fans if you get drunk and perform a shitty show… It’s a competition to keep fans and gain more at the same time.
Call this a fail post or win post. But someone needed to point out that the chances of you surviving in the music industry isn’t that big. (No offense to the bands who are just starting and want to get big just like that…It’s gonna take YEARS of hard work, promoting yourself, and making music that’s better than the last. Just sayin’)

Also, If you’re not a teenager and you’re still “scene” … just kill yourself now. We don’t need adult scenesters … annoying little 15-year-old ones are already too much. Scene DIED in two-thousand-fucking-seven. ;D
Be well

@BOTDFmusic Dahvie’s Fattie Video 17 comments

Jeffree posted a new video for “THE SIMPLE FAG LIFE” and it has “Dahvie Vanity” in it..and DAMN.. take a look at the fat fuck for yourself.

Skip to 1:20

Also, this video is proof he SUCKS without all that autotune bullshit.

Google Trends Compares @mmmKikiKannibal, @JeffreeStar, @realAudreyKitch, @MatthewLush 38 comments

Below are some Google Trends of our “favourite” e-celebs:

Kiki Kannibal, Matthew Lush, and Audrey Kitching were no surprise. Their popularity rises in 2006/2007 and then slowly descends until today. While still remaining moderately popular compared to each other, there’s no question there is a decrease since their heyday back when “scene” was big.

Jeffree Star is the most searched out of them all, and appeared earlier than any of the others on Google. He came about in 2005 and has been going strong since. No real surprise there.

Here’s some LOLz:

Oh, John Hock and Amor Hilton. First of all, John was basically irrelevant until 2009 when his search trend suddenly shot up. This was around the time when his rape and jail news broke, no? As for Amor, she had a few huge high points (anyone know if there was a specific reason behind these?) but her graph goes the highest in 2010, right about now, when her porno got out. You’re a star, Amor!

In the grand scheme of things, Jeffree is the frontrunner with Audrey following closely behind. Kiki comes in next with Matthew Lush trailing behind. Google Trends will only let me compare up to 5 results at a time so I just left John and Amor out because they were basically non-existent compared to the others.

And just for some LOLz, let’s see how these e-celebs would make it in the real world, compared to a real star:

Compared to Britney Spears, they just don’t make the cut at all. So much for B-list, huh Amor?! 😉

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