Once users have had their fill of the buttpirates, fake blondes and horny str8 boyz which make up the majority of Stickam’s membership, they are ready to explore the fascinating and horrifying world of lol-cows: freaks of the internet whose online antics demand that we “milk” them for lulz.

Bemine4fun is one of those arresting freaks who defy easy categorization. He does not, as far as StickyDrama has observed, get naked; but there is without a doubt something eerily sexual about his on-cam routine. He jogs shirtless on a trampoline. Usually while blaring outdated music. Sounds uninteresting in words, but electrifying when Live, in which his text chat is a constant stream of LOLs and insults.

Viewers have but to read his Stickam profile to understand that Bemine4fun is somehow turned on by his workouts. “Nothing’s wrong with me,” he begins in his About Me section. He is here “to get my fair share of abuse.” And of course he adds, “I don’t ban for getting naked.”


  1. That’s awesome, he’s more entertaining then any of you lame scene kids…
    Seriously what are you scene kids going to do when you finally need to get careers?
    I doubt stickam is going to hire any of you unqualified twats.

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