That’s right, all you horny cocksuckers! Stickam uber-cutie Dennis Hegstad is now single and needs to get milked. He announced his breakup with some blonde bitch in Amor Hilton style, via Myspace bulletin:

Dennis is healing the traditional way, by consuming alcohol until he wakes up in a pile of his own vomit with a bloody asshole. Our readers might recall that the str8 studmuffin becomes rather gay-friendly when intoxicated.

Come cry on our shoulder, Dennis! We’ll make you forget all about whats-her-cunt.


  1. it’s not my fault, i can’t help that my girlfriend said she didn’t feel in love with me anymore.
    i was the absolute best boyfriend i could be, she just didn’t feel the … “spark” anymore so, i can’t be mad at her.
    i’m just heart broken.
    and talk all the shit you want, i’m not emo. i’m just human, and after being in love with someone for the 2nd time and having them tell you that they’re not in love with you, yeah that pretty much fucking sucks.
    oh well.
    fuck bitches; get money.

  2. dennis i <3 you!!! frankie i love you too!! i think you both are rly rly hot and cute and oh so yummuy Lawlz. lets see this sex

  3. awh, im sorry dennis.
    hopefully the next relationship will go as planned? :\
    <3 youre cute, boy.
    which means you can easily find someone. (:
    keep smiling.

  4. dennis isnt gay. or bi.
    and i feel bad im and Samantha where very cute and he loved her.
    so it sucks.

  5. omg guys i found this video of a true fucking hick and his mom fighting.
    except they look like scene kids…
    fucking hilarious^^^

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