Thank heaven for young boys!  Especially legal boys like Christopher Michael, well-loved among Stickam group chatrooms for being an adorable angel.  At least he was, until his account was banned for being just a tad too adorable.  Que sera, sera—all the action lately is on Twitter, anyway.




Determined to suck meet the naughty little cherub before grew old enough to know better, StickyDrama booked him a ticket to Los Angeles on September 17.  Since Christopher is in college and can’t miss class, he returns on September 20 to whatever godforesaken redneck state he’s from.  Sorry faggots and Valley folk, no time to share this one!


More drama to come soon.  Sorry, but StickyDrama’s been very busy lately.


  1. LOL @ H
    Matthew Kraven – *You’re. Oh, and *You’re again. D0n’t b3 all JeaLUZZZZZ cuz u WereN’T INVITEEEEEEEEd

  2. Matthew go back to the swamps you have no room to say anything is retarded. You cum stain your mother rubbed her vagina against. Your birth certificate says mistake for a reason.

  3. lol.
    i’m not gay or bi.
    there were no agreements to any type of homosexual intercourse or any thing of the type when this was planned.
    i’m no big name on stickam at all,
    but i’m looking foward to meeting the few people i know who live out there,
    as well as seeing the other side of the country for once.
    and mathew kraven, from what i hear, everyone hates you.

  4. And to all the premature fucks who talk about changing to tweetdrama…. Your all fucking tards.
    It’s not called sticky because of stickam. If your gonna waste time on a website. Than understand what the fucking title of it means!

  5. Sticky. Your disgusting. Your a pedophile.
    Who gives a fuck who is coming to your house to think there going to get on some stupid ass pretend webcam show. Your “stickyhouse” is a complete fail. In case you and everyone else have yet within the entire time this house was suppose to happen hasn’t figured out!

  6. Nope, not like you who judges people without knowing them. I try to reserve that judgement for people I’ve actually met or had at least a conversation with. Call me crazy though.

  7. …if he was straight he would not get invited to StickyHouse. Sticky and Anthony will suck this boy dry and than take their turns on his ass !!! His little pecker will spend more time in their mouths than in his pants.

  8. Ali love where the fuck did you come from? Stop trying to hit on guys, especially ones that are out of your league and age level. Now little girl, go on your profile, and edit it saying how you love to drink and smoke weed, like you have been doing for lYk3 OhHHHhh S0o0o0o L0nG B0NGS anD BowLS HahHAhahHH4HAha4 W@$TEDDDD. Not. 15 years old right? or 16? Well no one cares. You’re annoying shut the fuck up and get off the internet.
    But for this post; he’s cute but he’s so cocky he’ll probably be like “Oh yea sticky tried sucking my dick like 100times, then Amor Hilton pooped on my chest.”

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