U.S. District Judge George Wu hinted back in July that he would throw out Lori Drew’s conviction.  A federal jury had found Ms. Drew guilty of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Statute, a verdict which essentially made violating a company’s TOS a federal offense.  The move placated a nation outraged at an adult’s cyberbullying a 13-year old girl, but was widely criticized in legal circles as improper jurisprudence.
On August 31, Wu officially set aside the jury’s verdict, and ruled certain sections of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Statute unconstitutional.  The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles—the same jurisdiction as Stickam and yours truly—said no decision had been made yet about a possble appeal.
Readers can download the complete ruling here.


  1. Lori Drew had to move and switch her daughter’s school because of all the hate threats.
    I knew Megan in real life, and she was a sweet person.
    Lori Drew’s fucked up.

  2. I’m sorry but the lady got away with MURDER. It WAS and always WILL BE pre-meditated MURDER. This women should live with the fact that she is a low piece of shit while she should be rotting in her cell. Fat fucking bitch needs to die.

  3. i remember this story. It’s really sad, but her parents should have been monitering her computer usage, she was only 13 and at the time of her death, I believe the myspace sign up age was 14 or 16 at that time so she was too young to have a page anyway. That lady is sick as well.

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