Anthony Vanity, who is a mod in StickyDrama’s chatroom, tonight informed us via PM that the feud between Hot Mami and him has ended, and that the two will let bygones be bygones. However, that doesn’t mean StickyDrama readers won’t be able to watch the pair try to kill each other.

Chuckie_UNDEAD, who has created several amusing wrestling videos featuring well-known Stickam personalities, recently sent StickyDrama a new video inspired by Vanity and Mami’s feud. Using the XBox360’s WWE smackdown vs. Raw 200 on the XBox360, Chuckie customized amusing caricatures of Vanity and Mami … with certain limitations. Fans of Anthony will notice his much more toned body, a result of the game’s not allowing flabby cocksucking characters; likewise the most provocative “nom de guerre” the announcer will allow a female player is “Sexy Girl.”


  1. Well guys, I didn?t expect to see anything like that here. It?s amazing. So many shocking news on one website. I?m not sure I can agree with everything , but I?m totally astonished by this words. To be honest, I have never heard this kind of information online. It?s really something very special.

  2. You can tell when a Diana Chance fan makes a reply. It is usually very witty, and well put together.
    They are an elite bunch.

  3. i loved the game but we all know vanity looks nothing like that, that fat pig, and he couldn’t possible outsmart mami, the bitch is too clever for his faggot shit-filled ass.

  4. I didn’t watch the game but wow, all these posts, attention and effort you guys are putting into this. I’m in awe! So many participants too!

  5. I do gotta say this is great entertainment. the characters look good to who they are suppose to look like. great job dude. and hope to see many more of your work.
    p.s. my favorite part was when hot mami got her balls crushed against the post as anthony pulled her through by her legs. haha awesome shit!

  6. lmfao i actaully watched the whole thing, not out of caring about the dispute, but out of just curiosity for the game/animation…lol at the reflection of a lamp in the top left of the video the whole time

  7. I wouldnt talk j rey you look like a fucking drag queen whos underpaid and smokes meth in the lighting department of home depot.

  8. wtf, this shit is stupid as fuck, chucky used to come in my live and play shit like this all the time, was cool for a whilee
    but no

  9. Now Diana will go after THQ so her likeness can’t be reproduced and after Chuckie, because cyber bullying has now extended to Smackdown Vs Raw. Look for another petition soon!

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