Transsexual immigrant and aspiring recording artist Anthony Vanity, who is a mod in StickyDrama’s chatroom, confirmed that his Myspace Music profile was hacked by Mikeyy. At first Mikeyy had stolen Anthony’s URL, which Myspace admins returned; but a week ago the account was deleted, and Anthony has thus far not been able to get it restored.
Anthony Vanity lives in the New York City borough of Queens along with a couple million other Third World rejects. With over 100,000 fans, Anthony had by far the largest Myspace Music profile of any other person in New York City or State.
Anthony asked StickyDrama to post that Myspace has not yet responded to his requests to have the account restored. We refused. He offered us his n00dz in exchange for our trouble; we were disgusted. Then he sent us the trove of n00dz he had received from “str8” tranny-chasing boys.
If you or anyone you know might be able to have Anthony’s account restored, please message Anthony on his new Myspace or Stickam. (re-add)


  1. I love Anthony Vanity, he’s
    a fabulous faggot. Mikeyy is
    a wicked whore, but.. pissing
    off other faggots is what he
    does best, so you have to respect that and move on…AV’s
    a smart fag..he’ll get back on
    his stilettos.

  2. Id love to have some sympathy, but if you go online and love attention, and put links to your myspace and stickam profiles everywhere… they are bound to get hacked at some point.

  3. anthony vanity is a scene fag. ok.
    and im sorry that anthony got hacked. and i hope he gets it restored.
    but whatever happened between them is their business.
    but dont hate on mikeyy
    hes actually nice. i like him. he makes me laugh alot. i bet not all of you above me has never even spoken or gotten to know mikeyy.

  4. yea it kinda sucks when you lose ur music page for everyone to hear, but either way Anthony Vanity is some dumb fat fuck that got what he deserved. Kudos to Mikeyy.

  5. Aww poor Anthony<3 I feel bad for him. I hope he gets his account back. And I agree with nearly all posts above me. mikey gtfo.

  6. I dont know why you fags just dont call the police this is a federal felony charge for hacking peoples shit online that mikey guy would get a good 10 years in prision they trade candy bars for kids like him hell if he hacked me id fucking call the police they have dectives that work for the fbi that kno real crazy computer shit!

  7. 1 – I’m not a scene fag.. i’m just a fag!
    2 – I haven’t had 1 hissy fit yet. I’m about to .. and it wont be pretty.. but not yet.. not over myspace anyway.
    I don’t think it’s worth it. Do I want it back ? Ofcorse, I promote my music and make a living out of this. Hosting parties and what not.. so… yeah. It makes me upset, but I won’t die.
    The fact that a 15yo kid gets to destroy 4 years of work (including work contacts saved on inbox) is just sad. I don’t have parents to buy me food and pay my rent.. so yeah .. it’s fucked up.
    But i’m not having a hissy fit over this. Even because, that would people too happy.
    If anyone would be able to help me restore the account, please holla at me. Thanks =]
    – AV

  8. Geeks: briefly, how does such hacking work? my guess is that if you are online you have a cookie that lets you go to other sites, then return without logging in again. But how could someone steal that cookie if a firewall were present, unless you visited mikeyy’s site at the same time, that could scan for such cookies? This boy should be working for the CIA and busting into Al-Qaeda sites, not giving scene fags hissy fits.

  9. Why would mikeyy hack anthony? just to show he could do it? Or did anthony offend one of his friends that are always so feverish to call on mikeyy’s house. You won’t believe how many times i see people threatening others saying “I’m going to get mikeyy” *rolls eyes*

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