Popular online entertainer and real-life coffee barista Juli Hudson was in Los Angeles this weekend visiting her good friend, popular online entertainer and real-life unemployed immigrant Anthony Vanity.


But Juli wasn’t all surrounded by cocksuckers.  She was in the company of a camera-shy mystery man, whose hand she held along a romantic walk at Venice Beach.


His sexy voice, combined with an unusual aversion to having his picture taken, raised suspicions.  Could this have been Ownage Pranks, with whom Juli is known to have had an intimate relationship?  The mystery man insisted that he not be photographed, but fortunately Anthony was able to snatch a shot while he wasn’t looking.



  1. Why does sticky like Anthony Vanity so much if he’s an unemployed deadbeat immigrant? I don’t understand, he’s also fucking haggard to look at.

  2. amandarenee
    Lol look at her stomach in the first picture dumbass
    no one called her fat she just obviously looks pregnant in the picture

  3. I guess y’all aren’t used to seeing what a normal, healthy, female body is suppose to look like on this site since its always got VD infested Immawhore Amor on it.

  4. I met juli in cali at tigerheat and she is soooooo hot & definitely wasnt pregnant, didnt talk to the guy though so fuck my life for missing my chance to hear him talk


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