Anyone following Anthony Vanity’s wife DeAnna Undead on Twitter or formspring knows that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.  But while Anthony shacked up with a methhead fuckcraigslisting goblin, DeAnna has set her sights on top-ranked YouTuber Shane Dawson.

DeAnna bumped into the 20-something cutie today at the Hollywood & Highland Mall.  “I told him I loved him, and he held my hand for the photo,” she said.  DeAnna might be in luck:  “Shane is totally into big girls,” a friend of Dawson’s (who wishes to remain anonymous) told StickyDrama over AIM, “because they have child-bearing hips.”
Well whatever floats his boat.  Lucky for him, next week DeAnna is moving to Hollywood, where Dawson resides.


  1. ugh. i fucking hate shane. he’s on brandon hilton’s level, seriously.
    i remember he tried to squeeze himself into the johnnyboy/chris/stevie drama back then -he even wrote a bulletin about it.
    that’s an ex-fat person for you, i guess.

  2. Shane doesnt have girlfriends. I think theres something with him and Brittani Louise Taylor. Not that fat pig.

  3. Shane strikes me as the kind of guy who had his friends sleep over and touched them while they slept as a child.

  4. doesnt shane dawnson brag all the time about being a virgin? haha I’d LOVE to see this go somewhere and then have him become a stickam whore instead of a youtube bitch and have his noodz on stickydrama ect
    i do like this branching over to youtube deal too btw

  5. she actually looks good in that picture, and happy… maybe its because shes getting rid of anthony/no more bs hanging over her head?

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