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Asking For It


Last month FOX News ran an expos? on cyberbullies, focusing their report on Stickam.

Melinda Cherrie
made the extremely foolish decision to post a video on her Stickam account, in which she declares to be one of the girls in the FOX report. That is to say, this idiotic girl destroyed FOX’s meticulous efforts to protect her anonymity.
In the report, Melinda recounts how cyberbullies manipulated her into doing sexually explicit acts on cam, all 200 pounds of her, and then posted the screencaps along with her real name and address. A person of average intelligence would have learned to be more careful about their online identity, but not our clever Melinda. She had the brains to record a Stickam video in which she proudly points out her 15 seconds of cyberbully fame, practically drawing a bright red bullseye on herself.
She eventually deleted the video, but not before St1ckam Lulz screen-recorded a copy, which he then sent to StickyDrama.


  1. Well guys, I didn?t expect to see anything like that here. It?s amazing. So many shocking news on one website. I?m not sure I can agree with everything , but I?m totally astonished by this words. To be honest, I have never heard this kind of information online. It?s really something very special.

  2. When I saw this post, I went to her page & she was live and like sticking some lotion bottle in & out of her mouth. And she was wiggling her tongue out all provocatively. GROSS! “THAT’S ME! THAT’S ME! THAT’S MY FRIEND! THERE’S HER MOM”
    I don’t think its very smart to be pointing out the fact that youre own a show about cyberbullying and dumb bitches getting naked because they were

  3. wow, she’s definately not manipulated into anything. I’m sure most girls on stickam have been approached for nudes.
    all you have to do is ignore them, and they weren’t holding a gun to your head so stfu.
    really. cyberbullying is real to an extent.
    but jeeze don’t be naive, this is the world.
    its a cruel place. get used to it I’d gtfo.

  4. wow if a person bugs you that much online or tries to get you to do something you dont wanna…just X out of the fucking site and turn off your god damn computer! did your mothers not teach you to not give out info to people god damn people piss me off

  5. HAYYY smoke weed everydaaaaaaaaaay! represent.
    420 fo life.
    fuck tha haterssss!
    whys the fat bitch eatin a fucking sucker that looks like a colorful penis??? haha. wtf.

  6. Its pretty obvious that she was up for it and wasn’t ‘manipulated’ into doing sexually explicit acts on cam because if someone was going to put that much effort into ‘manipulating’ someone to get them naked they would do it to someone who is thin and good looking.

  7. ok first of all id like to say i hate hippies. so hippy who posted a comment above me theres a chat room for you its called “420 and alcohol” or soemthing like that.word. oh and also if you cant take the drama stay offline. js. number 1 reason i bang my head on the table, kids not able to handle cyber bullying and start crying. sorry but yall are pathetic and put it on yourself. and im pretty sure everyone will agree with me when i say… JS.

  8. Normally I’m all for poking fun at the dumb attention seeking bitches on this site.
    But in reality “cyber bullying” has become quite the epidemic.
    People feel so cool talking shit behind a computer screen when in reality they wouldn’t even think it face to face.
    So many kids take everything you people say about them to heart, that I’ve seen people cry for HOURS about shit that’s happened to them online, and it really is heartbreaking. Knowing that so many people get kicks out of putting people down to raise their own egos.
    I think everyone just needs a fucking hug.
    Pass the motherfucking peace pipeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  9. this dumb ass hippo is live talking so much shit saying oh its a learning experance fuck her she should get made fun of plus she prob did beg them cause no one would want to see that nasty hoe fuck her

    did you fucking HEAR that?
    “hey.hey. look! that’s me!”
    attention whore much?
    she probably begged them to watch her strip on cam.

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