While StickyDrama doesn’t claim to be The New York Times, we do try to maintain certain journalistic standards. In particular we are hesitant to post any story that is unsupported by screencaps, video recordings or first-hand testimony such as AIM logs.
For the past several days StickyDrama has been furtively PMed rumors of a so-called “kickback” arrangement between Audiowh0regasm and Matthew Lush. The rumor goes thus: Audio agreed to give the disgraced spamgod $1500 of her $2000 SXSW prize money in exchange for his unfairly influencing the contest. Specifically, it was he who insisted that Audio be placed among the top 20, which Stickam allegedly did not desire to do. Although he continued to promote her, he did not use his connections at Stickam to influence the voting during Rounds 2 and 3.
Sounds juicy, but StickyDrama has not been sent one shred of evidence to back up the claim. Not a single Stickam user would even agree to be cited as a source. Our frustration at the lack of concrete evidence grew and grew until we finally asked Audio directly. Here was her response:
(her screen name has been blurred for privacy)
StickyDrama is inclined to side with her version of events until credible evidence proves or at least suggests otherwise. After all, Audio could simply deny she ever had any plans to give Lush any money at all; why would she confirm helping Lush pay rent? So please, do not send us further information regarding this matter if it is entirely hearsay—and anonymous hearsay at that.


  1. $2,000 barely covers the rent on a one bedroom apartment (assuming you do’t live in Alabama), let alone other necessities such as laser skin resurfacing.

  2. omg i agree with sns i bought this dildo with diamonds and it was even more than 2k?
    silly me,

  3. What world do people live in where they think $2000 makes them “financially secure”?
    Then she just casually gives 1k to someone else? I realise it was a nice gesture, but 2k wasnt a lot to start with.
    She either NEVER spends money, or things are VERY cheap in her world if she thinks that will last more then a few months.

  4. theres no way lush would ever have to resort to the streets, he would have his little 12 year old vegan fans help him out. srsly so many annoying girls buy his ugly shirts, he wont have to be on the streets.

  5. otty you are actually the 14th and
    8=========> is 15th
    and i’m 17th
    but this is annoying
    like the whole chelsea shit i don’t think that many people care about her anymore
    and like, she dosent even go on stickam anymore..
    turning 18 actually makes you have a life?

  6. i used to be a huge ‘fan’ of matthew lush about a year and a half ago. then i began to see him differently (as many people did also). we are still for the same causes and he will always have a special place in my heart because he used to have very personal relationships with the people who came into his stickam chat late night. yes i know he is fake, pompous, etc. i dont really like him anymore. in his defense however rent is incredibly expensive in los angeles. go to rent.com and check it out. he lives in los angeles because he likes it i mean hello it is like a gay mecca right now. can no one else relate to having to struggle to get by to stay in a city you love? i am struggling to get by to stay in atlanta with my girlfriend and not have to move home right now. i am just not making enough money. its worth it though i am so happy here.
    he does have a real job but it doesnt make enough money to pay for all his rent and bills. that is why he started selling shirts in the first place. he has been very honest about this from the beginning.

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