Many StickyDrama readers were quick to notice that the Audiowh0rgasm seen during SXSW was somewhat different-looking than the Audiowh0rgasm familiar to Stickam. The mystery is sure to be revived, now that two new, vastly different n00dz of the Entertainer have been released.

The above photo was released in reaction to another, much more slender photo that was also sent to StickyDrama, by yet another anonymous angel. The photo below has been passed around all day long, and struck many as false:

Truth be told, StickyDrama is not very impressed by the slender version. While its retouching is convincingly photorealistic, the Audio depicted therein strikes us as an Ethiopian runway model, simply too thin to be believed. And too unhealthy to be desirable.
On the other hand, whereas the untrained eye is quick to take the plumper belly for the real one, StickyDrama actually suspects MORE Photoshop in the supposedly “unretouched” photo. Real photos, especially low-quality digital ones, have “digital noise” or “grain” … little specks that pepper the entire image. We could not help but notice how the rotund Audio’s belly is very smooth—a clear indication of amateur retouching.
So where does reality lie? Probably somewhere inbetween. Rather than come down definitively one way or the other, we post both photos and allow our readers to debate their authenticity. In order to maximize the exposure of these photos, which as n00dz go aren’t very scandalous, we have decided to cover her left nipple and post them on our main page.
May the vicious comments begin!


  1. Actually, both pictures are edited, and grain can easily be edited in with, the second picture has an unusual grain texture, regardless of the camera type. Weight and boob size difference has nothing to do with each other, we all have different genes and we get our body types from our parents, I have seen fat girls with small boobs and skinny girls with large seeming boobs, because weight does have an illusion trick for your eyes. I’ve also edited pictures for people and seen many edited images. Neither image looks legit.

  2. ha.
    i think its the top one but
    the roundness of the belly would
    be slanted downwards and someone
    just edited it to make it
    bubbley looking.
    keep in mind her legs.
    the legs dont seem to be edited
    and if she were that skinny in
    the 2nd photo her legs wouldnt
    be that large looking.
    and the lighting.
    it seems that the lighting has
    glinted off her skin to make the
    appearence brighter and smoother.
    or someone just edited it on
    both pictures to look like that.

  3. the “fat” one makes it look as if the tanline at her underwear line is actually underwear, but shes naked, soo, im thinking its fake, also because her boobies are tiny. i thought they were supposed to be nice…?

  4. thats not that audio chick anyways.
    and the top is photoshopped
    look at the size difference with the white squared thing in her tub

  5. The bloated image shows doctoring. Look at the mirror’s bottom edge, it is bubbled too and not a straight line. Throw it up in photoshop if you don’t believe it.

  6. Obviously Diva doesn’t have tan lines, she spends her life on the computer.
    Anyways, this is dumb.

  7. Fuckin lame …who cares if some one is fat or fuckin skinny ppl r fuckin ppl
    put up a new post..

  8. LAWL. both ewwwww. But lol jeeze at the bump in the bottom one, and where is the actual john hocks ridicule on this one? Kiki is right (for once) and Chelsea is too they do have WAY to much time on there hands to leave.. uhm 176 comments on bleeped photoshopped nudes.

  9. i think the skinny one is real
    because you can see her ribcage from where she sucked in.
    it makes no sense to see a ribcage on a girl who has a big tummmy like that.
    and again, the film grain is smooth.

  10. Sticky you are missing out on a big story! Bob Dylan’s granddaughter Heather reopend her myspace and was on Stickam after lyke 2 years of being gone. remember when she was being threatend/ SHE WAS ON STICKAM TOPLESS! you have chances to talk about real celebrity(kid of a celeb) and not internet wannabees!Find them!! someones gt to have a huge bank of that knd of shit. shes hot

  11. I met her at the beach before. She is NOT that big, nor that skinny. she’s in between those two. they are definately both photoshopped.

  12. stickydrama’s actual posts haven’t really been boring, they’ve just been really spaced out.

    (talking about the stickycam)
    mm, new post please?
    stickydrama has been so boring lately i’ve actually been watching the NEWS lately…

  14. Audio’s male friends are looking at each other’s n00ds so they can’t talk shit.

  15. so this is funny how she prides herself on being a VIRGIN yet she makes herself out to be a promiscuous CUNT in her videos…like in sucking the lollipop vid because she wants the boys to like her.
    i know its suppose to be a joke but i dont get how someone whose so innoccent has to make herself so trashy.
    im not saying u have to innocent at all times but theres a different between trashy and classy.
    as far as the pics go, they r both photoshopped bad

  16. matthew ravenstar is sooooooo ugly and wtf is a ravenstar?
    also, please start posting more stuff but not pathetic and ghey like this plz thnx.

  17. the guy on the stickycam is “matthew raven star” the guy that everyone thinks is a joke. hes a wannabe and he apperantly stalked kiki kannibal at one point

  18. i think theyre just both photoshopped lmao dudde this is gay who cares about these people, really?

  19. Am I the only one who’s focus is on her hair? Man, if you’re gonna take some noodz, then at least fix yourself up a little.

  20. btw, who/what is that on the stickycam and why is he still there, that pictures been there for like a week now im tired of looking at it

  21. If you look at the soap holder on the wall above the tub, you will notice that they are diffenet sizes as well. Judging by the size of those, im going to say that the first pic is the one that was retouched, only because the soap holder is too small and not that of a normal size.

  22. I think she’s gotten into eating issues. Since people reading this are most likely obsessed with her. Her myspace has a blog titled …00
    which i can only assume has something to do with size 00. and it seems to be about losing weight.
    probably all this talk got to her

  23. so if both of these pictures are ‘shopped, someone needs to find the original and send it to sticky. :]

  24. Their both fake. Duh.
    She looks prego in the first.
    She looks anorexic in the second.
    It’s gross, and fake, and Chelsea doesn’t look like that.
    So, photoshoping skills were poor here, woo, you suck.


  26. her head is too big for the 2nd image.
    oh, and new news plz.
    i swear to god, stickydrama barely ever updates anymore!
    not like how it used to.

  27. actually the top one looks more real than the bottom,notice how big her arms are in both.AND it is possible to still have ribs showing even if your a little chunky,when you arch your body like that you can show ribs.Also if she was that skinny looking,her face would be more thin.The bottom one is way too unproportionated,either way both looked like they could of been fixed.But does it really matter?Everyone photoshops,so it would be hypocritical to judge one girl on whether she wanted to photoshop her body.

  28. i think the bottom one is the real picture. shes quite obviously sucking in though, you can tell that by her posture

  29. Well, in the bottom one when she’s “skinny” she has a huge head, like worse than bobble head big. And then on the top one, is just looks unrealitically fat, for one, why would she take the picture, and at that angle if thats how she looked?

  30. Lol. Anyone who would of seen Chelsea up close knows the skinny one is real. Her weight changes alot, but the fat one has been edited.

  31. i know most of the people on here that called her fat,are fat themselves so stop making yourselves look stop lmaooo

  32. but really, do you people really think her faggot bf/exbf/whatever dennis would actually date her if she looked like the first picture? fuck no, less scene points

  33. they have both been retouched. you can see on both how around the stomach and right above the ass has been disturbed (blurry).

  34. this is plain stickydrama fabricating some more shit to make drama… both pictures are shopped…fagg0ts

  35. EVERYONE! The top one is soooo fake!! Look at the pointy fucked up elbow, seriously whoever photoshopped that your a faggot. and the bottom pic looks shopped as well .. if anything she looks more like the bottom pic with a few extra healthy pounds.

  36. Dude… that’s not fat. That’s called, uh, NORMAL?
    Either way the top picture is obviously edited. The bottom picture also doesn’t look very real, buuuut, honestly that doesn’t really even look that much like her in the face.
    What does Chelsea have to say about this post? :/

  37. either she’s a fat fuck or an anorexic whore.
    hahahaha, either way she loses.
    unless fake is in 🙂

  38. both pictures are beautiful. if you think the first picture is fat, you need a mad reality check.

  39. If you open both pictures in each tab and go inbettween them quickly, you can see that the first on is hella warped. Not to mention blurry.

  40. Ive seen and met her in person,without makeup on and naked she looks NOTHING like this.
    Shes really gorgeous

  41. I don’t think shes is fat. She’s pretty. I’d consider that NORMAL, if anything.
    Not skinny, totally not fat.

  42. second one’s edited, that’s fucking obvious. you don’t have to be a pro at ‘shop to see that.
    the first one looks more real – but still photoshopped. just a slightly better job.
    she seems like she’d be somewhere inbetween, like people are saying – but that would be A NORMAL FUCKING WEIGHT. she doesn’t have the body of a 10 year old asian boy, or any the violently underweight scene trash on stickam.
    chelsea’s gorgeous, but somehow it hasn’t gotten through to her that any nudes she takes are going to be found. :[

  43. the first one is just stupid, if she really was that chubby you wouldn’t be able to see her ribs, and as sticky said it is very smooth as if edited
    and the 2nd one is just a DUH!
    seriously people are retarded

  44. Her weight and structure are irrelevant; this bitch is atrocious either way. Get the fuck over it.

  45. uhm, ewwy.
    it took me like 20 minutes staring at the picture to realize she was naked, LMFAO

  46. who the fuck cares?
    it’s her life.
    Seriously this is why so many people have eating disorders is because so many dumb fucktards make fun of EVERYONES weight that they feel they have to fit a certain mold.
    shut up, everyone has flaws.
    get over it

  47. top looks realer to me.
    if she was that skinny her arm wouldn’t look as chunky as it does in the bottom one, they would be like sticks.

  48. Bottom one is not real. Look at the top of her arm. There’s like a bump in it. At the top it starts off normal the bumps out and continues like that all the way down. The top one is NOT fat by any means. This doesn’t even look like her. Chelsea has HUUUUGGGE titties. Neither of the pictures have big boobs.

  49. dude. i know photoshop better than my life. the fat one is the fake! you can see her elbow and back is all fucked up.
    shes not that slim but shes not that fat either. FOR SURE.

  50. aaaaaaaahahahahhahahahahahahahhaha.
    nudes are nudes. If you fuck up then you fuck up.
    Look at her fucking face, it’s fat as hell, her face does not match the second picture at all. It definitely fits the first picture much better. I know who leaked these, and they did not photoshop the top one. It’s real. You all fail who are saying she’s skinny and hott. jSSSSSSS!!!

  51. Her arms match the top photo more than the bottom.
    And peoples ribs show unless you’re pushing 300 lbs. It all depends on what position you are in.
    The bottom one is easy to tell it’s fake. The stomach doesn’t match the back where the “ribs” are.
    And the bottom one looks like she has scoliosis.

  52. i think ther both edited but i dont think she’s skinny she has a video up on her page and you can tell she’s trying to hide her stomach and suck in. its titled like ashleys lil bro or something.

  53. I think both of the pictures have been modificated.. If you look on both pictures under the ribs, the color is off ( yeah i know she has tan lines, NOT THERE THOUGH).
    fake fake fake..
    Shes gorgeous anyways, and who ever is talking shit is just jealous..

  54. wtf look at her arms, they don’t look so skinny to be part of the last picture, it looks like it’s the first one which is real…

  55. i’ve hung out with chelsea twice, she’s about somewhere in between that. i havent seen her naked / or missing any clothes but , i would assume its somewhere in between both of those photos.

  56. i think that if people knew she was a fat ass then she wouldn’t have won SXSW. if she was truly that skinny i would laugh so hard if i saw her in person cause her head is way out of proportion.

  57. uhmm, if she’s in between sickly skinny and chubby, isn’t that considered completely normal?

  58. OngNZGnzgNZgfudkcingoGodoDDD!!1
    fyi: you can actually airbush ribs in?
    yes fucking way?
    but seriously, just the fact that she “has ribs” on the photo doesn’t mean that they jut out irl, js

  59. lol im def not a stick like the 2nd picture, but you can see my ribs, js.
    just because the top picture is plumper doesnt eman you still cant see ribs. it jsut all depends wether you crry your weight on your upper or lower torso.

  60. nice bathroom! real granite tops and brushed nickel. don’t forget kids, bathrooms and kitchens sell in this depressed real estate market. anyone else recall the Criners were moving, oh months ago?

  61. shes cute
    but these pictures are very unflattering.
    And I’m agreeing, if you call THAT fat, you’re a fucking idiot.
    Look at all the people that are 400 pounds, now thats fat.
    both photos are retouched, obv
    and her thigh in the bottom picture is retouched, too

  62. She is beautiful. both of the photos are retouched because she is in between. she is not fat or a skinny twig, y’all shouldn’t believe everything you see.
    p.s. She lives in fl, She’s gonna have tan lines.

  63. who cares, for real. Shez hott, try getting real celebs to pose int he bathroom, u think ud get what u get in the magz?
    Shes a hott gurl, and she never claimed to be a supermodel. SO b4 u ppl start talkin shit, look at ur own flaws and think twice, bc u know we all have them.

  64. she is pretty.
    but you can carry weight lower and still have ribs showing. ive seen it before.
    plus her arms match the top one a lot better. theyre not small enough to match the anorexic body on the bottom.

  65. yeah… umm.. in the plumper photo… u can see her ribs.. :\ if ur kinda bigger.. ur bones done stick out like that.. or at least to my knowledge..

  66. I think that both of them have been retouched. In the top one you wouldn’t be able to see her ribs and yes, her boobs look far too disproportionate to be real. Also, yes, the belly is smoothed and the ribs have been stretched out. Also, compare the differences in the size between the top of her thighs and the white bit – there’s no difference. If the bigger photo was authentic she’d be taking up more space.
    The ceond photo looks alot more realistic but she looks far too repulsively skinny. Perhaps she is sucking it in like people have said.

  67. She’s not fat. She’s a normal fucking human being, she has curves.
    She’s DEFINETLY not fat at all.
    She’s so fucking goregous, and if you hate on her for her body, look in the mirror you fat fucks.

  68. Oh and if she is inbetween then that meens she has the perfect body..that girl is pretty stunning all of u are either gay dudes or ugly girls that are hating on her.

  69. “idiots.
    the top one, if you were that fat you wouldnt be able to see her ribs like the picture shows.
    way to be faggots guys”
    the way she’s kind of leaning in the picture, you’d be able to see her ribs. she’s not fat in the first picture. if you call that fat, you have mental problems.
    anyways. the bottom picture looks more real, and like someone else said, she’s really sucking it in.
    both look edited, in my opinion.
    you can tell around her midsection/back/butt.
    i’d say she’s in between.

  70. “idiots.
    the top one, if you were that fat you wouldnt be able to see her ribs like the picture shows.
    way to be faggots guys”
    the way she’s kind of leaning in the picture, you’d be able to see her ribs. she’s not fat in the first picture. if you call that fat, you have mental problems.
    anyways. the bottom picture looks more real, and like someone else said, she’s really sucking it in.
    both look edited, in my opinion.
    you can tell around her midsection/back/butt.
    i’d say she’s in between.

  71. idiots.
    the top one, if you were that fat you wouldnt be able to see her ribs like the picture shows.
    way to be faggots guys

  72. Most likely the bottom one is the correct one and she’s just sucking in hardcore. It’s not impossible, most girls suck their guts in when they get pics taken.

  73. soliek, in the top picture, her boobs look to small for her body,
    since her belly’s so fat, you’d think her boobs would be bigger,
    but one of my friends irl actually has the fattest belly ever, and her tits are fucking small!
    the bottom picture is disgustingly skinny,
    although, her boobs look more like her boobs are the right size.
    i think both pictures were edited, one to make her look disgustingly skinny, and one to make her look digustingly fat.
    idktho… :O

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