Jeffree Star and Chris Crocker have now been spreading the word that they are dating. Atrocities such as this tend to occur when talentless e-whores feel they’re on the 14th minute of their 15 minutes of fame.

Take two disgusting cocksuckers, neither of whom can sing, act, dance, write, paint or do other than be disgusting cocksuckers. Watch the stupidity of the online herd make them insanely popular for no good reason. Allow their novelty to expire so that they feel themselves fading away into the irrelevance whence they came—and what do we get? A recipe for lame publicity stunts that only confirm their waning celebrity.

Seriously—and this also applies to another e-famous couple who have apparently reconciled and announced their engagement—if a relationship is genuine, why the need to publicize it? Why shamelessly draw so much attention to intimate moments and communications, which everyone knows should be kept private?
Jeffree & Crocker … Hock & whatever he’s sticking his dick into now … when will they just do pop culture a favor and OD ?


  1. Jeffree is an untalented fugly piece of shit but he could even do better than Chris Crocker. Both are VILE.

  2. They are starting the anal olympics together. It will have fag events like who can dress in girls clothes the fastest, singing along to madonna, and Name that Condom! (with the wrapper off) etc

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