1. “what did it do for Paris’ carreer? CANT HURT ME, cuz I have a GREAT COCK…
    BIG WHOOP, the fag that posted it, has an itty bitty micro penis.. MINES PERFECT… ”
    DEAR GOD! Someone PLEASE get the boy a dictionary ASAP so he can see what perfect actually means. That is the ugliest p33n I’ve seen in my life, and trust me, I’ve seen many.
    Brandon, babe. Please stick to photoshopping your rip offs from people who actually have talent, instead of traumatizing half the stickydrama readers with your ugly ass p33n.

  2. theres really nothing i can say here that hasnt already been said. but yea, that is a pretty gross peen. like ummm ewwww. even anthonys peen is prettier 🙂

  3. ***Vanity***
    Easy Mary 😛
    Thanks for the long reply, I appreciate it!
    OK, im gonna hate myself for saying this but…
    Im half sorry for the “rant” about you (vanity)
    I guess for the split second it took me to wrote the last message I must have been in a dark place in my head!
    Anyways, you guys (vanity, hock ,brandon and the likes) can do whatever you like with ur life. If yall happy then good for you!
    Ok nuff said
    And since I forgot to comment on that nasty dick of brandon : ewwwww !! please do photoshop ur penis 🙂
    pps: the 500$ was just a random thing to say

  4. lol ppl only laugh at brandon and not in a good way. i feel bad for him but he is a loser and its even funnier that he thinks hes famous, thats the best part.
    i hope he doesnt stop. im not gonna lie, i know ppl online laugh at him alot. Its funny that he lies so much and tries so hard.
    lol@ kayvon zand for mentioning Tina Chen. so true!

  5. Fuck brandon hilton! Fucking ugly ass faggot. He makes me want to vomit all over myself. Fucking pussy ass bitch i would slap the fuck out of him if i ever say him just to put some sense into that ugly head of his.

  6. Funny how Vanity keep bashing Brandon.
    Vanity (fat cheek) is so lame, calling Hock a pedo when we all know that Fat Cheek ( 24 years old ) likes to meet with lil boys from stickam.
    Taking 500$ from a 18 year old ( David )
    Living in a crappy shit hole with cocaine as breakfast.
    His life is all about stickam and making the most horrible music video on youtube ever.
    Do I need to say more?

  7. Jamie you are delusional.
    If you think Brandon is “crossing over”
    maybe cross dressing over the tranny rainbow to be a “D’ rated Jeffree Star/Crocker impersonator.
    Let’s not count our chickens before they hatch, better said, let’s not count out our chicken before it queefs.
    Brandon is a hater and thats why ppl talk about him. Bc he makes the effort to hate on ppl.
    Keep in mind that faggot started commenting me and putting me down when I was cordial with him for no reason, only to get attention. So let’s not play like he is the virgin mary. He starts shit with ppl to get ppl to know who he is.
    and as far as talent.
    He has no talent, Im sorry, he is Tina Chen material. I actually listen to his music to laugh and will pass it on so my friends can laugh, but that’s it. Laughing at him, not with.
    It’s one thing to be a joke that is in control of what they’re doing, but its a better joke when they are completely oblivious to themselves.
    and for that makeup line. Anyone can photo shop a compact and get some shitty makeup to sell on paypal, srsly, stfu and get real.
    I would think you would have wanted his cock or something, but after seeing those nudes, I srsly dount that.
    Maybe your just lonely 🙂


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