Watching Kiki’s latest doozey over on her youtube has made the CFL wonder if perhaps we’re too optimistic about the future of today’s youth. Surely everyone cannot be as utterly ignorant, shallow and fucking egomaniacal as Kiki Kannibal, right?!

The video in question is aptly and hilariously entitled ‘Help with Fight Libel‘. One cannot fully appreciate this title until it is said aloud to oneself a few times. Kiki got the general idea across with this title but normally one would want to use a complete thought when correctly titling an item.

In this 10 minute horror film, Kiki rattles off definitive statements about how she is going to sue countless people for what she terms as libel. This video is pleading for pro bono legal work or funds from investors misguided enough to help this brat defend herself against the droves of haters. Her lawsuits will include those not satisfied with her rinky-dinks and those who mock her online. She speaks about suing makers of the recorded videos of her on sites like youtube — For our part we hope she was thinking about our video we made with love and posted back in September.

My favorite part of the video is watching her digress in a vicious cycle, finally claiming that all recordings are illegal:

‘When you record someone without them knowing, that’s illegal. If you record a phone call without them knowing, that’s illegal. Anything. If you record anyone without their knowledge of it, that’s illegal.’

Thankfully we live in the United State of America, a beautiful country where we can speak freely without fear of unjust imposition. In a land where we can freely mock even our highest leaders — we cannot criticize rinky-dink, over priced jewelry made by a true teen cunt? I think not. This money hungry bitch would have her case laughed out of court. What evidence would she provide as proof that these instances of ‘libel’ damaged her rinky-dink business? That id love to see. In Kiki’s world, consumers would not be able to speak negatively about things they purchase. If that were true, the whole site Angie’s List would not be allowed to stay online.

As for the law itself, it is true that Florida (where Kiki lives) is one of 12 states where both parties being recorded must give consent. However, its unfortunate for Kiki that in Oregon where CFL resides (and 37 other states), we only need one party consent (source). Those specific stipulations don’t even apply to this case because no one is trying to submit these recordings in a court of law — where they would not be accepted as evidence. They are simply recorded for lulz online which is entirely legal. Kiki has no legal expectation of privacy on Stickam or the internet abroad as it is a very public place.

What Kiki fails to understand is that she is on the losing side in this case. She needs to watch more Judge Judy to see the cute bitches like her get a swift double serving of the law to the face. Anyone who has experience with her mother knows full well the source of this false confidence in her ignorance. She fails to realize that sometimes people are not jealous of her but rather find her authentically obnoxious and utterly repulsive — and those people ARE allowed to scream their opinion from the mountain tops.

We urge the particular girl in this case that Kiki speaks of in the video to hold fast to your position. Fight Kiki in this case to open her eyes to realities her mother keeps from her. The world will not make way for her to do as she pleases.


  1. If people just stop bitching about Kiki in about half a years time she won’t be popular again. Just stop talking about her, ignore her. And eventually she’ll be unheard of. That’s what you all want right. It’s up to you.

  2. Like other people have said: I’m not really a fan of Kiki or anything, but it’s a little ridiculous to think that you could just take back the necklace after two years. We get it, you didn’t wear it that much and don’t like it. That’s your own fault. You’ll have to find something else to do with it cause there’s pretty much no way you’d get a refund. And it’s funny how you wait for other people to back you up, and then steal their argument. You pretty much have no idea what’s going on. Lulz.


  4. Thank you An for sticking up for me.

    And to the annonymous poster @ 6:04, Kiki added the “returns, refunds, and exchanges” section to her website AFTER this whole thing happened. Js.

  5. an your retarded. her refund isnt for two years. she only refunds it if you don’t like it upon buying it, or if it breaks over the time you have it. no where does she offer to take it back after two years with no defect. thats stupid.


    Due to Kiki’s ambiguous refund policy, Courtnie is NOT a dumbass at all. You all think you’re really clever saying, “You should KNOW these things”, but if the loophole’s there, why not take advantage of it? God.

    If you found out that all your favourite clothing stores let you get a refund whenever you asked – well then what? Sure some of you would act nobly, but the other 90% would be mobbing the shops.

    Courtnie is srsly pushing it maybe, but acting dumb she is not. And she has perseverance, I’ll give her that.

  7. both of you are fucking dumb
    kiki i bet you looked up the definition of libel the night before
    your fucking how old? start growing up an stop acting like the internet is the amazing. go work at the local mcdonalds or something 🙂

    and as for the girl that bought the necklace..idk why you would pay 80 bucks for a diamond necklace with fake crystals in it thats made of plastic..and wait how long to return it cause your families having problems? thats like me going to fucking walmart and returning a shirt that i bought 3 years ago and saying I dont want it but i didnt wear it. dont get me wrong i feel sorry through what your going through but you are all dumb.

  8. this CourtnIE is a dumbshit
    2 years?!
    honest to god, that is dumb as fuck
    you can’t just say ‘hmm, I don’t want this anymore’ and return it
    Kiki is a twat, yes
    but any store would say the same thing to you
    get over it, ebay that shit and tadaa, you’ve got money out of some other poor scene child

    and idk what all this libel shit is, I think Kiki just really likes that word.
    Someone buy her a dictionary.

  9. I love how everyone hates her so much, but takes the time to write a paragraph explaining the reasons for it.
    Love her or hate her, everything said about her is helping her name get around. In the end, shes laughing her way to the bank.
    Shes still selling necklaces and making people react.
    Theres something about you, people cant get enough of. Good job kannibal =]

  10. I’m sorry you’re such a dumbass too. And sure, I’m sorry that your family has money problems, but you were the idiot who spent 80 dollars on a cheap necklace. Ever heard the fable of the cricket and the ant? You’re the cricket, Courtnie with an -ie.

  11. Yes, Kiki didn’t state her return policy, so I thought that I would have been able to refund it, k? Is that really so “dumbass-y” (yes I know that isn’t even a word lol) for you? I’m sorry I don’t meet up to your people’s standards. I’m sorry that I’m just such a fucking dumbass for wanting to refund something I never used. (When I say that, I mean that YES I wore it twice, but after that I never did. Sorry for making it hard to understand or whatever.) I usually forgot that I even had the necklace during some times until I realized that I could refund it and get some money back to help out with my family. 80 dollars is better than nothing and you know that.

    So I’m sorry that I’m such a dumbass for owning the damn thing for 2 years because I forgot I even had it and then decided to refund it to help out with money problems in my family.

    Stop bugging me about the time frame.


  12. ^ even if kiki didnt define the return policy, WHO THE FUCK THINKS THEY CAN RETURN SHIT 2 YEARS LATER.

    o rite, dumbass courtnie.

  13. why the fuck would anybody buy one of kiki’s necklaces in the first place? hey guys, guess what go to any jewelry maker, or in kiki’s case a junior high school plastics and woods course and have them make this stupid design for you if you want. it will cost the same.
    as for the return… its kiki’s fault that she does not have a clearly stated and defined return policy. any real business will have guidlines for returns and time frame probably the most important thing. who cares if it was 2 years or 20 if its not stated on the return policy anything goes. i wouldnt expect a retarded 16 year old to know this. and kiki, libel? are you kidding me? this is the united states of america not north korea or cuba we have a constitution… if you went to school you would know this. actually you dont even have to pass the first page, there’s something called the bill of rights… just read the first one and shut up.

  14. mygif_alt
    CourtnIE (not EY) Chaos said, January 23rd, 2009 at 1:30 am

    No, I was trying to get a refund on the necklace because I never wore it.

    never wore it? didnt you also say that you wore it TWICE.

    rofl, just gtfo.

  15. You can’t just expect a refund on anything just because you don’t want it anymore, regardless if you really used it or not. You claim you never wore it but I highly doubt that you never wore it even once, and if you don’t use it anymore doesn’t mean you deserve a refund.

    You don’t just buy a shirt, wear it once, keep it for 2 years and then try to take it back to the store? Life doesn’t work that way, maybe learn a lesson & realize spending $80 on a piece of plastic necklace is a bad idea.

  16. no receipt, no refund. Sell it to one of your friends or something like that. You’re not going to get your money back. If business worked like that then I would ALWAYS sell back my shit.

  17. regardless if you had no use for it, 2 years having something you wont get a refund. By getting a refund it means if the product broke or if it wasnt what you expected WHEN U FIRST GOT IT. its different ” i kept it for two years then realised hey im not going to grow to like it” she wouldnt sue you if you sold it via ebay because its used and your not claiming to have a million, and if you did, she couldnt do anything because she refused a refund. Courtnie your story doesn’t add up. not at all.

  18. anyone is out of there minds to buy one of her stupid necklaces for 60 dollars when i could make it for 5 come on i think that bleach has gone to ur head

  19. I don’t have the receipt anymore o_O I suppose I could search through my email for it though….errrr that’d take forever though. Lol

  20. Hey Courtney, WIKIPEDIA is your friend.

    “An invoice or bill is a commercial document issued by a seller to the buyer, indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller has provided the buyer. An invoice indicates the buyer must pay the seller, according to the payment terms.”

    It’s basically a receipt.

  21. No, I was trying to get a refund on the necklace because I never wore it. I had no use for it. I figured that the 80 dollars would help with money problems in my family currently….
    + the necklace wasn’t really what I was expecting.
    Alright? I didn’t get “bored” with it…And I never was ‘scene’, am, or will be..You can still buy from her without being ‘scene’.


  22. As much as I dislike Kiki, I don’t think the girl deserves a refund.
    You can’t just return something when
    you get bored with it. That’s one of the reasons why you don’t just purchase whatever is ‘trendy’, because once the
    trend dies, you won’t have any use for it. Kiki should know better though, she should have on her site that you can only return within 30 days or 60 days.

    Her video still didn’t make much sense.

  23. So she’s trying to get a refund on her trendy ass necklace because she decided she doesn’t want to be “scene” anymore, that’s why she has no use for it.

  24. I’m not a dumb whore. Please do not call me one. I really don’t appreciate being called names..


  25. honestly, if kiki did not state on her website the time span in which she can refund it, she ask for a refund whenever she wants.

  26. Whats an invoice number?

    And stop giving me crap about the whole “2 years” thing, please
    If someone bought a necklace from her and had it for, oh I don’t know, a week, and decided that it isn’t what they wanted or expected, and wanted their money back, you probably wouldn’t be giving them crap..

    I kept it for so long because I thought that maybe I would have grown to like it. But I didn’t. So I asked for a refund.

  27. its not called lying if you waited TWO YEARS to get a refund.

    regardless if its lingerie or other clothing items. asking for you money back is ridiculous in ALL cases.

    god, are you stupid?

  28. Did she ask for your invoice number? Because if she did and you didn’t give it to her, then I call bullshit.
    This Courtney Chaos bitch just seems to enjoy talking about herself. The last thing we need is to take down Kiki Kannibal just so another stupid attention whore can take her place.

  29. Yeah I might as well sell it on ebay. But wouldn’t she attempt (again) suing me for selling ‘her’ designs? Hahaha.

  30. i HATE kiki. i REALLY hate her, however you can’t just get a refund because you had no use for something anymore. If we could, then NO business would make ANY money. Sell it on ebay or something. Give it as a gift to a friend, I don’t know.

  31. Haha idk I just liked it the chaos thing 😀 Its been my myspace name for a longg time. But anyway thats not the issue
    And lingerie is a whole different subject than necklaces..Of course I would understand if she didn’t want to give a refund for underwear or something..but a necklace is a whole different issue. Lol. :/
    I was in her stickam live one time, and she SAID that if anyone wanted a refund for her jewelery, she would give it to them. But she didn’t give me a refund..

  32. kiki needs to calm the fuck down.
    and courtney is a dumbass to demand a refund anyways. that’s like some cheap whore going to VS with her extra cash to buy a peice of lingerie, wear it once for her liking of getting some random guy hard, and going back to VS, and going “i’m done with it. i would like my refund back”.
    it DOES NOT work like that.
    And fuuuck, i still do not get the scene names… a name backed with a dumbass “trademark”.
    grow the fuck up.
    wtf, is so chaotic blahblahblah about you?

  33. even if you had no use for it anymore, you still purchased it. you’re usually not even allowed to have refunds if the products were used? just deal. you spent money on jewelry that you could find ANYWHERE with better quality, and a lower price.

    i’m not sticking up for kiki because she’s annoying as hayul. but jesus. use common fucking sense ^

  34. Well I always thought that businesses were supposed to give refunds for things if the customer demands it.
    I didn’t get bored with her necklace..I just had no use for it anymore. :/
    She has stated before that if you want a refund she would do it.
    She lied.

  35. i am definitely no fan of kiki, and i’m not trying to be mean, but i don’t think that anybody would be willing to give you a refund just because you got bored of their product. I mean, you bought it, and unless there was something wrong with it, then it’s not fair on any business to demand your money back, even if it is Kiki kannibal :/

  36. Lol. I’m the girl that Kiki wants to sue. And I find it fucking hilarious that she is being so overreactive about it cause she can’t do SHIT! It’s not libel, little miss Kannibal, WHEN WHAT I STATE IS TRUE!
    I still want my refund.

  37. GOD someone shoot her.

    shes so fucking annoying with her fake as voice and he fake ass eye lashes.
    i mean seriously is there anything REAL on her?

    god. i fuckign hate her.


    specially her voice.

    and her eyes.



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