@ChrisCrocker on Sleazy iPhone App Grindr

Many thanks to a Frowndr admin for sending StickyDrama this cute little gem, which we couldn't resist posting right away. Frowndr's...

@ChrisCrocker: Peg Wants Her Weave Back

http://twitpic.com/p33x3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lady_and_the_Tramp

When Crocker Needs A New E-Boyfriend…

...he knows all the right places to scrape for compatible matches. :P http://www.cam4.com/chriscrocker

Johnny Crocker VS. Stevie Paranoia

That is right...its no longer the cat fight of Johnny Boy vs. Crocker. Now they find themselves on the same...

Crocker’s Sock Dance

If you weren't lucky enough to be in Chris Crocker's private room last night on Stickam, worry not. You missed...

Peen On The Line

Guess who's wiener may soon be widely seen across the Internetz? Pictured above is the titillating Isaiah Garnica and he has...

Chris Crocker & Johnny Boy's Cat Fight

Chris Crocker often accuses StickyDrama of manipulating the truth in order to create drama, instead of objectively reporting it.  So...

Career In The Gutter?

Most times when Chris Crocker is on cam now a days its not a very pretty site. Its been particularly...

Crocker Spurned, Humiliated By Dennis Hegstad

From the outset, StickyDrama knew that studpuppy Dennis Hegstad and asshole-flashing has-been Chris Crocker were never really dating. Dennis...


It happened. We acknowledge it, but don't want to dwell on it. Let us pray that this abomination is merely alcohol-induced...