Girl, seriously.  We don’t expect you to be perfect.  In fact, we love you precisely because you’re such a hopeless mess.  But we were disappointed to learn that you still haven’t evolved beyond tawdry cellphone n00dz.  If you’re going to take naughty pictures, then you might as well fart baby eels out your ass for ten grand a poop.  No more of this $150 bullshit.




We’re not going to post your uncensored n00dz here, but we’re sure as hell not going to spend all fucking day long removing them from our comments.


  1. ^It was a part of an agrement, she gave him someone else’s n00dz in exchange that he take her n00dz down, no matter her age.

  2. LOL oh lordy dirty cunt
    What she gets<3 🙂
    & her name is NICHOLE FRIEND
    She JUST turned 19 she texted me on her birthday telling me her age.
    So idk why sticky censored her pics lol

  3. Right…Scarecrow hair, anorexia, saggy boobs, no ass, no eyebrows, shitty tattoos…Whatever floats your boat man, whatever floats your boat. =]

  4. Omg, I cannot stand this girl. She’s so fucking stupid and ugly, but she somehow thinks she has brains. Ummm, false! If she had brains, she wouldn’t be prostituting herself for cigarettes. Her life is going nowhere, she’s just going to be the ugly girl with pink hair and fucked up eyebrows forever. It would be nice to not pay attention to her, but she’s such a fucking trainwreck, it’s difficult to turn away. She looks like a clown with all that makeup and those piercings. Hideous. She should back off the internet for a while, she needs a break from herself. Fer realz.

  5. maybe airca’s are nicer so he has seen a better boobie. lol i think the fact that many people here are saying what they think of her boobies after seeing them even after editing pretty much sums it up. them things ain’t purdy.

  6. Anonymous if you chill with Ryan in person you’d know that he ALWAYS defends Amors Boobs, until he got with Airca. Even I can admit if an ex is ugly or cute AFTER I’m with them.

  7. yeah more than one of her ex’s has gone gay after dating her. that’s because after they get a wiff of her they are traumatized and go homo

  8. I always wondered why Amor hung out with like all gay guys… I guess I see why. After her boyfriends the saw her saggy titays. the all became gay. :/ What a shame…

  9. RL.. Ryan wasn’t actually defending her. It was amor who posted that blog defending herself pretending to be Ryan. She does this delusional shit all over the internet. She’s a mental case.

  10. Dude Amor is so disgusting.I have less respect for her than I do for the modern day prostitute.She’s lower than the scum on the bottom of my shoe.Put some fucking clothes on and GET A REAL FUCKING JOB.Dirty skank

  11. amor’s trying to trade jake’s jackoff video in exchange for sticky taking down this post. LMAO I am sure there are other girls out there that have one from him, idk maybe they would give it up.

  12. now i get why someone called them “pig snouts” because at the end of her rock in a sock is a zitty, pizza sized nipple. it really does look like a downturned pig snout. i laughed so hard. it’s not attractive at all

  13. since you took the censored noods down and are moderating the comments does this mean we get naughty vids of jake from amor? lmfao

  14. there’s way more than the same three people posting here and most are posting really butthurting facts about amor karma’s a bitch

  15. seriously, I never got what was so wrong with being a slut. I think Amor is fine, and everyone knows she is. btw “Hollywood hand job” was like 4 weeks ago. Sticky moved on, so should you.

  16. ^ her hands are fucking brown. LOL.
    Ohyes posting comments to get efamous. That makes so much sense, you posted a comment as well, you must be looking for efame as well. Obv.

  17. jennjenn thinks shes cool and going to get e famous because she makes a stupid fucking comment on everyyy fucking post.. get a real life :]

  18. She should get tested for STD’s and different forms of Hepatits.
    With all the drugs Im sure she’s put herself at risk, who knows the quality of her tattoos and piercing, and with nameless sex with any guy(she obviously doesn’t pick many clean ones) she could really be in trouble.
    Just a thought :/

  19. lol @ all this haters or should I say three haters, because it’s the same three people posting over and over. LOOSERS!

  20. hahaha i think shes pretty. who gives a fuck. i bet half of the people dissing her do the SAME exact thing. fucking retards

  21. not too many people know because by her own admission she moves in with and obviously fucks guys she doesn’t even really know so i am pretty sure the guy doesn’t know or care to know anything about her like even her real name. hahha. she’s so fucking gross.

  22. see the thing is that not all of the people talking about it were guys that were ex’s. they weren’t mad at her. they were talking about it just like dudes talk. there’s nothing immature about it. she smells bad there. even girls that are still friendly with her said she smells bad. it wasn’t anything vindictive. it was just something that was noticeable. there’s more than a few people that are coming forward and agreeing with it and it’s not all haters. A lot of people get hate on this site, but that’s not something that is brought up again and again by different people who ACTUALLY KNOW her and some are still “friends” with her. It’s whatever, believe what you want, but that’s not something like calling a girl a slut. that’s not something you just make up. Enough separate people bringing it up plus the fact that she doesn’t take care of herself and isn’t healthy equals the statement that she is foul there is most likely true. There are lots of immature ex’s out there, but that’s not something usually said. IT was because she really does smell bad enough to mention it. lol!!!

  23. um hello if you asked any of my ex’s things about me I’m sure some of them would be immature and make up shit too. In fact that’s already happened so unless you’ve actually smelled her irl you don’t know shit, you’re just a dumbfuck. ^^

  24. umm, at least two of the guys that said she smelled rank were actually her irl boyfriends. Word gets around when you talk irl too. btw, just because she doesn’t remember getting fucked in a club when she was high on a bunch of crap doesn’t mean she didn’t. She did and she was rank. To the person that said “She obviously knows what she is getting into”. I highly doubt she does because do you think she wanted her previous boyfriends and fuck buddies to come forward saying how bad she stinks and do you really think she was thinking when she took pictures that made her look like a high, used up whore that sober people were going to be able to see how saggy her chest (when she is just standing there and not trying to alter the look of them by holding them in or up or lifting the arm or laying down…all tricks of the trade) and how underdeveloped her ass is? it takes someone who really doesn’t know what she is doing to do this. This shit is really fucking embarrassing and it wouldn’t be worth all the pathetic internet views in the world. Having thousands of people know that amor (what’s her full REAL/birth name?) has really bad hygiene and is rotting from the inside out due to her lack of eating and previous drug use must really suck! She fails at life. She failed at even killing herself. She uses her friends, cough, cough, if you can call them that and she especially uses her boyfriends. have fun getting used by a used rag.

  25. Amor queefs in my mouth on the daily. I rub shit on her titties sometimes but she gets too into it and it creeps me out.

  26. ^^omg u smelled her supermodel poot IRL?? ur sooooooo LUCKY! u shoulda putted it in a jar and sold it on the ebay. did it taste glamoruss??

  27. amor farts A LOT irl. it’s so gross, she’s always farting and laughing about it. like once she farted next to me and it was SO loud, and i looked at her, and she smiled and she was like “safety.” and then it started to smell HORRIBLE like rotten eggs and i was trying not to barf. i hate her.

  28. I honestly don’t see why ppl care how she lives her life. Its not ur life so why do u care? If she IS honestly fucking up her life than she is the one who has to pay for it later on. Not you. Im not sticking up for her, im just saying if the girl wants to be naked on the internet let her. She obviously knows what she is getting into.

  29. ^^^ email me.. I gave them to Sticky in the first place. The pics are just going to get deleted if you upload them to a host site like image shack or tiny pic… this way you can save them to your computer and spread them around to your friends over IMs and emails etc. ^^^ 🙂 I’ll send over all four

  30. Danny contradicts himself but I bet contradiction is like second nature like drugs and no self respect is like for amor.
    Boyyy, turn 18 then talk to me.

  31. Leave amor alone.
    I’ve met her once before when she came to az.
    She was nothing but a sweetheart.
    If you don’t know her or haven’t even met her then your opinion doesn’t count.

  32. why pay for nudes that look like that? seriously, come on. you would pay to see flat asses and saggy boobies? desperate much?!

  33. SHE’S UGLY INSIDE AND OUT THEN! #12 ON HOW TO BE LIKE AMOR…don’t take care of yourself internally or externally so you can get the reputation of smelling like rotten cat food and moldy cheese, wooohooo!

  34. sounds like she wont be able to do any paid nude considering that people can get her nudes without pay i doubt they will pay to get them

  35. nicole’s body is actually the best thing about her. i think she’s a complete phony, probably the most fake person i’ve come across, but i don’t think she’s bad-looking. what she does to herself with all that make-up and those low-budget tats, well, that’s another story.

  36. don’t confuse a “little slut nasty” with a mental wack job, foul smelling, used up, bitch which is what amor really is; but hey, if you like molding rotten cheese with a bad attitude, then of course, it’s your prerogative.

    1. Whore yourself out on as many websites as possible
    2. Put as many white powdery substances in your nose as you can handle.
    3. Binge drink until you aren’t hungry
    4. Claim you know a guy in every single band, and show up at their show acting like you’re going to hangout with them.
    5. Claim how much you hate club dance but show up every week anyways.
    6. Claim that “Nicholai” is another way of saying “Nicole”
    7. Kill your own child while it’s still in the womb by doing as many drugs as you can, and smoking like a chimney.
    8. Stop brushing your teeth so they turn a disgusting shade of yellow.
    9. Dye your hair pink yourself, and when you miss a bunch of spots claim it’s a new trend.
    10. Get the most cliche and ugly tattoos you can think of.
    11. Become a slut via craigslist and give “Hollywood Handjobs” in a random parking lot in downtown LA.
    Now that you know how to live in the world of the “Fabulous Amor Hilton” go out and be just like that miss piggy looking anorexic troll<3

  38. I’m censoring here mostly because I don’t want nudity directly on StickyDrama, and I didn’t bother to post in n00dz because those pics have already been spammed like crazy in the coments here.

  39. to danny, how can you tell someone to get a life about commenting on a subject when you are doing the same thing?
    this website is about making fun of people, if you can’t handle it, don’t read. the end.

  40. @Divaa
    hahahahahah wtf when did i say i idolized her?
    wow stop putting words inmy fucken mouth bitch.
    i jsut said its her life let her live it
    shes not the first to take n00dz and shes not the last so stfu and get a life.
    im sure theres girls that you see in your town that are whore
    and you dont see them on here.
    you sjut wanna talk shti ano amor cause why?
    she has alot of firends on myspace
    oh wow get a life bitch.
    and dont say i have a life cause if you really did then you wouldnt be spending your time on here talking shit on people.

  41. aw, amor took more slutty pictures? wow, how suprising.
    except not really. she’s a fucking idiot.
    she smells like moulding cheese, and i don’t care what anyone says, i’ve experienced it first hand. if she didn’t smell in the first place, why would there be this huge debate?
    shes a homeless drug addict anyway, im sure she rarely finds time to shower in between giving ‘hollywood handjobs’ and bumming pot off her ‘friends’.

  42. Danny you are a 16 year old boy who find a clown faced girl pretty, once more, this site isnt to make your IDOLS FEEL GOOD ABOUT THEMSELVES. Shut up and actually get a role model or actually attractive person to look up to. Doesn’t make us haters because we say a whore cant keep her clothes on, would your mommy be proud to hear you idolize some one like that?
    FFS the children make me sad for my own generation.

  43. STICKY IS FULL OF SHIT. I POSTED HER N00DZ 6 TIMES ON THIS POST 5 HRS AGO AND THEY WERE NEVER POSTED. youre such a liar sticky. you are censoring. why is that? because amors REAL age is still unknown?

  44. Kermit would even shy away from dem drooping pig snouts and alien saucer nipples. his miss piggy went all anorexic on him and doesn’t wash her putang. bahwahaha :]

  45. you should of used Dane Cooks picture
    considering he did rip Vanessa H for taking nude photos with her phone
    would be funnier imo

  46. areyouhigh? said, October 24th, 2009 at 2:00 pm
    amor- nicole- bipolar doesn’t look fine. She’s under 21 and has small titties and if you have small titties at that age, they should be pert and firm, not like some used disease infested slop. She poses as though she THINKS she’s a hot piece of ass, and yet her ass is far from hot and well, her titties are just gross. IF she has something really going on in the body department and posed like it then that would be a different story. Amor is the one that had her friend post Jake’s nudes. Why? Because she’s got pissy that Jake wrote a song regarding “Myspace models”, and we all know what that means. It was for amor and trishvicious. LMAO to the anon at 2:41 a.m.! SEE, even more guys out there to confirm how bad amor smells, and on top of it, how often she gets fucked by guys who consider her nothing more than stinky, used up, foul hole. DISGUSTING! But hey maybe they can plug their noses and close their eyes and pretend and hope they don’t get a bad disease. hahaha.

  47. Anonymous said, October 24th, 2009 at 2:41 am
    anon@11:06 is lying. dozens of other guys fucked her the same night and i talked to many of them and they said otherwise. i would have fucked her too but the club was long dead before my name even reached the top half of the waiting list and i have this weird thing about not wanting weeping sores on my dick.

  48. Anonymous said, October 24th, 2009 at 1:08 am
    ^you are such a liar……..nobody can get past the smell of her rank body to have sex with her let alone eat her pussy unless they are high on meth or some other shit

  49. To the above comment you didnt LITERALLY fuck her brains out. Do you know what that means? A dur dur.
    Also i have those same hello kitty stickers on my phone. Im bleaching it as we speak.

  50. before all the amor hating faggots get in here let me say this…About 2 months ago I attended a club event in LA Amor was their we hooked up I ate her pussy and fucked her brains out(literally)and her pussy game was on point not “fishy” as some people who’ve never even met her might say !

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