Girl, seriously.  We don’t expect you to be perfect.  In fact, we love you precisely because you’re such a hopeless mess.  But we were disappointed to learn that you still haven’t evolved beyond tawdry cellphone n00dz.  If you’re going to take naughty pictures, then you might as well fart baby eels out your ass for ten grand a poop.  No more of this $150 bullshit.




We’re not going to post your uncensored n00dz here, but we’re sure as hell not going to spend all fucking day long removing them from our comments.


  1. ^It was a part of an agrement, she gave him someone else’s n00dz in exchange that he take her n00dz down, no matter her age.

  2. LOL oh lordy dirty cunt
    What she gets<3 🙂
    & her name is NICHOLE FRIEND
    She JUST turned 19 she texted me on her birthday telling me her age.
    So idk why sticky censored her pics lol

  3. Right…Scarecrow hair, anorexia, saggy boobs, no ass, no eyebrows, shitty tattoos…Whatever floats your boat man, whatever floats your boat. =]

  4. Omg, I cannot stand this girl. She’s so fucking stupid and ugly, but she somehow thinks she has brains. Ummm, false! If she had brains, she wouldn’t be prostituting herself for cigarettes. Her life is going nowhere, she’s just going to be the ugly girl with pink hair and fucked up eyebrows forever. It would be nice to not pay attention to her, but she’s such a fucking trainwreck, it’s difficult to turn away. She looks like a clown with all that makeup and those piercings. Hideous. She should back off the internet for a while, she needs a break from herself. Fer realz.

  5. maybe airca’s are nicer so he has seen a better boobie. lol i think the fact that many people here are saying what they think of her boobies after seeing them even after editing pretty much sums it up. them things ain’t purdy.

  6. Anonymous if you chill with Ryan in person you’d know that he ALWAYS defends Amors Boobs, until he got with Airca. Even I can admit if an ex is ugly or cute AFTER I’m with them.

  7. yeah more than one of her ex’s has gone gay after dating her. that’s because after they get a wiff of her they are traumatized and go homo

  8. I always wondered why Amor hung out with like all gay guys… I guess I see why. After her boyfriends the saw her saggy titays. the all became gay. :/ What a shame…

  9. RL.. Ryan wasn’t actually defending her. It was amor who posted that blog defending herself pretending to be Ryan. She does this delusional shit all over the internet. She’s a mental case.

  10. Dude Amor is so disgusting.I have less respect for her than I do for the modern day prostitute.She’s lower than the scum on the bottom of my shoe.Put some fucking clothes on and GET A REAL FUCKING JOB.Dirty skank

  11. amor’s trying to trade jake’s jackoff video in exchange for sticky taking down this post. LMAO I am sure there are other girls out there that have one from him, idk maybe they would give it up.

  12. now i get why someone called them “pig snouts” because at the end of her rock in a sock is a zitty, pizza sized nipple. it really does look like a downturned pig snout. i laughed so hard. it’s not attractive at all

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