@JessiiSlaughter’s dreams of fame might be realized.
The 11-year-old girl who skyrocketed to e-fame as videos of her “emotional breakdown” racked up around 2 million views on YouTube is scheduled to appear on Thursday’s “Good Morning America.”


  1. If you come on stickydrama and comment you are not grown, therefore you have no right to tell people to grow up. Especially if you use words like fucking and faggots in your statement. lol

  2. ABC news is misinformed as usual, they need to do more research on Ms. Slaughter. I suggest people to send them emails to do so. They are trying to make her out to be a saint when in fact this nasty little girl as posted not one but two CHILD PORNOGRAPHIC pictures on the internet. Her parents also need parenting classes and their internet provider needs to cancel them.

  3. this takes famewhoring to a whole new level
    and notice the piece ends with her typing on her computer
    no mention of taking her OFF THE COMPUTER LOL

  4. I can’t believe people are blaming this situation on the 11 year old. This happened because she has terrible parents that allow her to do these idiotic and, as many say, “annoying” things. She should be taken from her home by child services. She has obviously been grossly neglected. No decent parent would let their 11 year old go on the internet unless supervised.
    She is eleven for fucks sake.

  5. im watching it right now and i Saw the preview! The video of her saying get a glock and make a brain slushy made like a 5 second debut in the news preview thingy, followed by her breakdown video of course.Now the news anchors are magically saying “…but who is to blame?” maybe they finally collapsed and decided to post the real story when over 60,000 comments on their front page linked to videos that showed how she really acted and described her actions in detail. I was actually pissed cuz this girl does not need more pity to fan her ego.

  6. This girl should just stop, she went looking for drama and she found it. She is 11 years old, what the hell are the parents thinking. Take the effin webcam. We wonder why kids are all messed up. Better yet take the computer so your daughter has nothing to brag on.

  7. I hope someeone backstage or something djust says “Didn’t you tell people you had sex with that dude? And you put all those pictures too right?”

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