@JessiiSlaughter’s dreams of fame might be realized.
The 11-year-old girl who skyrocketed to e-fame as videos of her “emotional breakdown” racked up around 2 million views on YouTube is scheduled to appear on Thursday’s “Good Morning America.”


  1. How about instead of bawling your eyes out on fucking camera, taking topless pictures, making brain slushies and telling people you’re bisexual and that you’ve had you’re first girlfriend and that you, I quote, “tickled her clit till she squirted,” you disconnect your Internet and go play out on the jungle gym like any other 11 year old?

  2. Yeah, there’s some humor to it on it the surface because of how the father delivered it, but just like Kiki Kannibal cyber bullying, it’s still wrong no matter how foul mouthed the girl

  3. What an idiotic idea. Now she’s going to get even more hot-headed by them adding wood to the fire. Putting an 11 year old kid on television for internet bullying will only increase her chances of bragging about it on every website she goes on. Not to mention bring her more “e-fame” to her and her catch phrase making father.
    I don’t condone “cyber-bullying”, but at the same time it happens every day. It just so happened that Jessi made a video about it and her father made it famous.

  4. GMA dun goof’d. I expect more from my Emmy winning news programs.

  5. I’m sooo gonna watch this. On the east coast its at 7am on channel 10. I have my alarm clock set to wake up at 7 already.. XD

  6. I’ll believe it when I see it. Even so, she’s getting what she desires, in a way… perhaps this will lead to her debue on America’s Got Talent. DREAMS

  7. I hope they don’t take her parents side. Sure, she had no right to be bullied so bad…but come on, that doesn’t justify what she was doing online before that even happened.

  8. They obviously havent seen all her other videos and comments. They certainly wouldn’t want to disgrace their show after seeing those.

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