Kiki Kannibal and StickyDrama agree on at least one thing:  Mama Kannibal is a crazy bitch.

The shit hit the fan in the Kannibal household today, as a tearful Kiki blew up at her mother, accusing the psycho-cunt of sabotaging her relationships.  Apparently Mama Kannibal had scared off a 24-year-old suitor whom Kiki had been dating (or e-dating).  Mama cited 2 of the boy’s fault’s:  telling Kiki she had nice boobs, and not paying for her food.

The video is about 50MB in size.  Depending on your internet connection, it might take a few minutes to download.
Kiki was not pleased, to put it mildly.  “Look at the guy you married,” Kiki said to her mother as her father was also present.  “You need to shut up.”  While Kiki muted her LIve in the middle of the argument, she unmuted in time for viewers to enjoy tearful sobs of “it’s not fair.”  Kiki then accused her mother of “harassing” all her boyfriends by messaging and lurking them “until they can’t take it anymore.”
Speaking of failed relationships, Tomy Toolshed called Kiki’s cellphone and managed to calm her down.  The smoothtalking ladies’ man must have been a snake-charmer in a former life:  he bonded with Kiki, who by the end was back to her shamelessly materialistic blonde self.  She opened up to Tomy, sharing her dreams of moving to LA, marrying a rich man and having a nice car.  Midway through the call, Tomy went on cam in StickyDrama’s chatroom, enabling us to record his end of the phonecall as well.

This would not be the first time Kiki’s mother had stuck her nose in her daughter’s business, with less-than-ideal results.  Mama Kannibal is rumored to have reported 19-year-old Danny Cespedes to the police after he broke up with Kiki.  Cespedes was killed after he jumped off a parking garage while attempting to run from his arresting officers.
Kiki’s opinion of her mother’s actions:  “She fucked up her life, so she wants to live it again through me.”


  1. LMFAO
    I know josh
    he’s a fucking moron.
    and jenny didn’t do shit to her.
    Maybe Kiki shouldnt date 24 year olds!
    Especially pathetic ones who still think theyre going to get famous with noooooooooo real talent.

  2. Some people in the world have never met their mother nor father
    or even have a house
    let alone the internet to whinge and moan about their problems.
    pretty sure she should get over it.
    we all have problems
    why broadcast hers over the fucking net?

  3. LMAO “if the guy doesn’t cheat on me, it’s my mom”
    I think she has some serious dillusion issues. If I were her I would have the lowest self esteem. Maybe she just can’t see that her all her friends are online, her boyfriends too and they only meet her to fuck, her own family is set on teaching her that the only way she’ll be successfull is through her looks… the list just GOES ONNNNNN.
    And PLEASE bitch, stop fake crying. The only tears on your face are from your own dillusions in thinking that your mother is against you and you didn’t get your way. The rest is just PURE acting. BAD acting. horrible..but please don’t stop! your stickydrama posts are AWESOME

  4. The 24 y/o suitor name is Josh, who is Jenny Thompsons ex. they paraded their love on myspace over the last few years. kiki even talks about jenny harassing her.

  5. it’s funny that the bitch complains she can’t do anything, WHEN SHE DOES DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS, some people actually don’t have the option of doing anything, and this bitch right here, LOL WITH NUDES ON THE INTERNET, IM NOT SURPRISED HER MOM IS UP IN HER BUSINESS, and is crazy.

  6. WAH WAH WAAAAH! Keep whining about how life isn’t fair. Reality check sweetie, you’re a fucking stupid spoiled brat who needs to grow up and stop thinking that the world revolves around you, BECAUSE IT DOESN’T!

  7. Tomy blackmails girls for noodz, yea…he sure is a great guy. He’s just another piece of shit trying to act all nice.
    Fucking scene fags.

  8. “She’s only 15 isn’t she? I forget her age, but once she’s 19, she’ll be ready to make her own mistakes.”
    She’s SEVENTEEN. I don’t think she’s much of a kid anymore.


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