It was brought to StickyDrama’s attention that the undisputed Queen of Internet Drama, Kiki Kannibal, just yesterday had added a curious new picture to her galleries.

Not only is it unusual to find a picture of Kiki in which you don’t see her cleavage, her ass, or her camel toe; but StickyDrama was speechless to see Kiki, whose dainty pink mouth spews forth nothing but spite and cruelty and hurtful assessments of one’s looks, embracing a chunky boy with sweaty underarms.


  1. hahaha, you fucking idiots amuse the hell outof me. You’re talking all this shit about Nikki and Malcolm being online all the time, but yet here you are ONLINE, trying to be a fucking hard ass mother fucker. Awwh, it makes me happy to see how much people can change just by getting on the internet and talking to totally different people than in real life. Again, it’s amusing.

  2. Deff love how thats my friend malcolm hahahaaaaa
    where did you guys get this photo
    what does the bitch got paparazzi following her now?

  3. Ew @ the ripped lobe and the stupid shit in his fucking nose. & he could wash his face and not date dumb whores. That would help.

  4. That sentence is too hard to read without proper punctuation, try again. Are you trying to get across that Malcolm says I still go to see him? (I haven’t seen him since before all this happened, btw js).

  5. u didnt take him back? wtf erica you dumb whore then why do u go to FL TO SEE HIM HE SAYS STILL!

  6. i laugh everytime i see someone defend the situation.
    she’s a fucking idiot.
    she’s 21 years old with a kid and took back a 17 year old who fucks around on her with multiple girls and only shows he cares when he gets caught.
    then will probably back to doing the same thing shortly when all this STICKYDRAMA dies down.
    i just sit back and enjoy the failure that will soon come.
    ps. stop trying to be all intellectual and insightful on the internet…really?

  7. I lol’d @ this fucking counseling lesson between Erica and Anon. Shut your fucking e-mouths, and keep your opinions to yourselves. I understand looking in through a window at other peoples lives is fun, for whatever reason people get some sort of a thrill out of it. But my goodness, leave people the fuck alone. They’ll make the decisions they see fit to make, regardless of what you fucks have to say. Boo hoo, Erica made some dumb fucking choices. Most of us do, some of us are decent at avoiding them, but when emotions run high it’s near impossible to think rationally. Put your shit in perspective, you niggers.
    -lolcash :D.

  8. FUUUUUUUUUUU- looks like i missed the raging shitstorm that ravaged through here. RESTART PL0X.

  9. i just think it’s really harsh how she couldn’t even spare a tiny bit of photoshop for him, when she’s clearly gone to town with it on herself :/

  10. Well this has escalated now hasn’t it.
    What’s with the bone through his nose though?
    Is that’s what in now with you hip scene kids?
    Ima go crawl back in my hole and pretend Something Corporate is still together for another few monthes and just avoid this site.
    That is all

  11. Ew @ this Erica girl having Passion Pit on her stickam.
    Fuckin’ hipsters have totally ruined this band.
    Hate it when kids find good music on the front page of Myspace and disgrace it by putting it on their Stickam/Myspace pages.
    Go back to listening to your hardc0re shit while giving head to your busted boyfriend.

  12. Okay, I’m friends with his gf irl and this is all stupid. No one really knows what’s going on. So, stop posting w/ bullshit that you have no idea what’s REALLY going on. JFS.

  13. ^^ i duno whats goin on but this is all funny as hell and sounds to me this girl is weak as fuck. get a life and stop worrying about some boy you date out of state. guess what, he’s fucking other bitches and always will.

  14. yo we all kno you’ll take his lame under aged ass back. can’t you get a man? you’re a dumb bitch bc this is how many times he’s done this? shouldn’t have gotten with him after the first time. you love him after having a phone/text relationship with him? HAHAHA. you’ve been together all of what 6months MAYBE? ARE INTERNET shut the fuck up already. you date him more so online than off. are you desperate? can’t you get anyone your age in your state? you drive like what 7-9hrs once or twice a month? dude he’s talked about moving in with every damn broad he meets. you still talk to him to be civil for what fucking reasons do you have to still talk to him? fuuuuuuuuck. how do you not see that you’re dumb as FUCK? no wonder you dont have a damn bf. they prob lost all respect for you bc you let guys walk all over you, he’s not that damn important and worthy. pity party, oh pity party.

  15. Because that is how I feel about him.. I have a lot of love for him and it hurts not being able to be with him because I can’t allow myself too. Seriously, stop over-analyzing some fucking Lauryn Hill lyrics, it’s ridiculous.

  16. except that youre using them to explain how you feel about him!
    thats what YOU have posted about him.
    god stop trying to cover up how much of an idiot you are.

  17. look sometimes you HAVE to let go.
    this is just gonna keep happening and eventually you’ll let him into your childs life and you and your child are just gonna get hurt.
    you need to just stop talking to him completely and you’ll get over it soon enough.

  18. I’m just completely missing how any of this makes me a “dumb bitch” or a “skank.” I made a poor choice of judgment by choosing to forgive him the first couple of times. Obviously he’s not going to change, thus why I HAVEN’T TAKEN HIM BACK. The only thing I have done at this point is kept talking to him and being civil with him. Unfortunately, I cared about him a lot.

  19. “I keep letting you back in. How can I explain myself?
    As painful as this thing has been, I just can’t be with no one else. ”
    but youre gonna arnt ya bitch.
    god how stupid can you be.

  20. “Okay for one, Malcolm HAS done this since day one of our relationship. You think this is the first time I’ve gone through this EXACT SAME scenario with him? It’s not. I’ve never let him around my son, for this exact reason. He has never even met my son. Everything you’ve told me about Tricia and etc etc, I already know. She wasn’t the only one either, there were more. I ALREADY KNOW.”
    …and you’re STILL WITH HIM! you’re dumb as FUCK. look dude, i LIVE IN FLORIDA!!! I’M HERE MORE THAN YOU, i know what this fucking lame ass kid does all the time. ask him about how he still talks to britany…ask him when the last time he did coke….his ‘friends’ talk more shit about him too. they don’t know him for shit either. can we talk bout how he brags for having a stripper girlfriend? come on….you’re both the laughing matter now. you look more and more dumb every time you reply.

  21. Okay for one, Malcolm HAS done this since day one of our relationship. You think this is the first time I’ve gone through this EXACT SAME scenario with him? It’s not. I’ve never let him around my son, for this exact reason. He has never even met my son. Everything you’ve told me about Tricia and etc etc, I already know. She wasn’t the only one either, there were more. I ALREADY KNOW.

  22. listen erica, you spend a majority of your relationship on the phone and internet. . . and whatever im not here to judge you on that. . . BUT dont you feel completely betrayed that he has probably the whole legnth of your relationship spent it telling other girls he loves them and moving in with them and etc over the phone and internet. . . i mean basically he has had if i include you now three gfs at the same time the past three months if you go by what youre considering your relationship. and those are only three i know about, there is probably more. bc i can assure you i witnessed him on his lulumbine account talking to another dude in their live last week about how he was moving in with someone named tricia and they were going to go visit this dude and he was going to bring coke. im just sorry i didnt screen cap it for you. if you let him do this to you now, and hes obviously been able to get away with it, he is going to do it again as soon as this storm blows over. i cant believe you dont see that. and im not here to judge anyones parenting methods, but if you have a kid i cant believe youd let someone as unstable as malcolm tweed near your child. i am a true believer that you should follow your heart and i understand taking him back to an extent bc ive made that dumb decision before with someone that cheated on me, its not worth it. humans are creatures of habit, the best way to tell a persons future actions are by his past ones. OPEN YOUR EYES.

  23. I’m sorry, but living a few hours from someone and seeing them a few times a months, and maintaining the rest of the relationship via phone and Internet, would not be considered an “online relationship,” just long distance. I was with someone for 5 years and have a fucking child with him, and we only lived in the same places for a total of maybe.. a year out of all those years. Would you consider that “Internet” dating? Hardly, it was just a long distance relationship.

  24. wow dude, you drive to see him like what 1 or 2 times a month, the rest of your realationship is over the computer and phone im sure. he is like 17 or some shit and youre how old? dude seriously get over this douche bag. move on. im sure you can find someone in your state that is worth your time. coke addit? actually you don’t know shit about him. i know him irl, you’re the guliable one miss i know everything about my stickam boyfriend. what is up with you or ANY one for that matter who date ppl and meet them online/websites, out of state? this post is just fail bc he fails. everyone here in fl hates him.

  25. thats so sad. youre dating a 17 year old coke addict. who dates and hits on girls on the internet. he told me he loved me after two weeks and that was only like three weeks ago. find someone else, you deserve better than that.

  26. Ok, for one, as far as “Internet dating never works” is concerned, I’m dating him in real life, reality, in person, FOR REAL, not over Stickam. So.. That negates that comment. What happens in our relationship is our business though, and whatever decisions I make to take him back or leave him is really no one’s concern. I know that from an outside view things look pretty black and white, but they’re not.

  27. too bad his gf is dumb and more than likey she’ll go back to him like she always does. wow, can we say desperate and stupid? when will ppl learn internet dating never works? malcolm tweed is never going to stop talking to other girls online, it’s his hobby.

  28. That malcolm who is so cool. But til he faked his own suicide online. SO anyone who thinks hes still diead HES NOW IT WAS A FAKE SUICIDE HES A PATHETI PERSON FOR DOING THAT

  29. Oh dear lord, it’s Tweed. I know the kid he’s a friend of mine.
    Langdon Alger!

  30. okk to the kid that said that shit about her ex josh.
    his music isn’t shit hahah
    and as far as I know every girl wants josh around here haha. he’s greattt I love that kidd
    and what happened to being able to have a picture with a friend… she doesn’t have to be fucking dating the kid. people are so retardedd

  31. guize, quit joking about kikikannibal. she’s a really fine specimen of a woman and is quite well-mannered in real life. nicest person i ever met.

  32. Imma gonna lick his face
    You know Sticky is desperate for some action when they’re posting maybe boyfriend drama with only one pic for proof.

  33. why should anyone feel sorry for his gf? is she still with him? shes dumb enough to stay with his lying std ass. he talks to every damn girl online. he is old old old news. lame ginger kid.

  34. lol stop talking about him, guize. he’s a piece of shit and you’re encouraging him by talking about him so much. drop it.

  35. hey, guys, this has mad me so depressed. So depressed in fact that im gonna do cocaine, OD on other various meds, cut the back of my legs to the bone, die, come back as some sort of douchebag zombie thing that just spews memes and wears a 4chan mask, and go chillzin with kikikannibal, the nicest gal a guy could want.

  36. oh my my my. do we have the next john hock on our hands? let see. drug problem, check. lies, check. stds, check. bad haircut, check. hangs out with e-famers, check. what will he do next? interesting.

  37. LOL he’s not my boyfriend, never was, never will be.
    Sticky, sticky , sticky, poor little sticky. You should know I have higher standards than that. 🙂

  38. Malcolm Tweed is a fucking player and plays EVER FUCKING girl that he talks to.
    He is a waste of fucking life and should just end it.

  39. …he has like 345345345stickam profiles and talks to girls all the time. I was dumb enough to fall for his shit at one point in time, then I found out he’s a liar and has stds. SWEET.


  41. Malcolm fucking Tweed. This asshole talks to every damn girl online. He’s a sloppy piece of shit.

  42. to be completely honest i dont think hes that badlooking ahah.
    if he got his teeth fixed a bit, cleared up his acne and got rid of that nasty septum piercing.. or at least replaced it with an actual ring, h’d bepretty cute.

  43. i wonder what josh, her ex, thinks of this… then again, he is 24, lives in Maine and is too busy writing shitty music.

  44. oh that kid is called “rave live” on sticka he has come into my room while i was live a couple times he’s not too bad he’s a funny kid. if anything he should stay away from the likes of shit head kannibal
    oh hai kiki, i went to forever 21 today and bought a diamond shaped necklace like yours and it doesn’t bend or break or anything… 4 bucks.

  45. This isn’t good at ALL. At least if she sticks to interweb bf’s she can’t get knocked up. God forbid the bitch ever breed.

  46. Woahhh woahh woahhhh! Kiki is dating someone that sweats when it’s hot, has a pimple on his chin AND is slightly obese? Sounds like 75% of the American population….

  47. he’s already faked his death once…..
    and apparently he has another girlfriend on stickam somewhere. . . or a few. he lies about everything, then again this is the internet.

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