It was brought to StickyDrama’s attention that the undisputed Queen of Internet Drama, Kiki Kannibal, just yesterday had added a curious new picture to her galleries.

Not only is it unusual to find a picture of Kiki in which you don’t see her cleavage, her ass, or her camel toe; but StickyDrama was speechless to see Kiki, whose dainty pink mouth spews forth nothing but spite and cruelty and hurtful assessments of one’s looks, embracing a chunky boy with sweaty underarms.


  1. hahaha, you fucking idiots amuse the hell outof me. You’re talking all this shit about Nikki and Malcolm being online all the time, but yet here you are ONLINE, trying to be a fucking hard ass mother fucker. Awwh, it makes me happy to see how much people can change just by getting on the internet and talking to totally different people than in real life. Again, it’s amusing.

  2. Deff love how thats my friend malcolm hahahaaaaa
    where did you guys get this photo
    what does the bitch got paparazzi following her now?

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