It was brought to StickyDrama’s attention that the undisputed Queen of Internet Drama, Kiki Kannibal, just yesterday had added a curious new picture to her galleries.

Not only is it unusual to find a picture of Kiki in which you don’t see her cleavage, her ass, or her camel toe; but StickyDrama was speechless to see Kiki, whose dainty pink mouth spews forth nothing but spite and cruelty and hurtful assessments of one’s looks, embracing a chunky boy with sweaty underarms.


  1. Ew @ the ripped lobe and the stupid shit in his fucking nose. & he could wash his face and not date dumb whores. That would help.

  2. That sentence is too hard to read without proper punctuation, try again. Are you trying to get across that Malcolm says I still go to see him? (I haven’t seen him since before all this happened, btw js).

  3. u didnt take him back? wtf erica you dumb whore then why do u go to FL TO SEE HIM HE SAYS STILL!

  4. i laugh everytime i see someone defend the situation.
    she’s a fucking idiot.
    she’s 21 years old with a kid and took back a 17 year old who fucks around on her with multiple girls and only shows he cares when he gets caught.
    then will probably back to doing the same thing shortly when all this STICKYDRAMA dies down.
    i just sit back and enjoy the failure that will soon come.
    ps. stop trying to be all intellectual and insightful on the internet…really?

  5. I lol’d @ this fucking counseling lesson between Erica and Anon. Shut your fucking e-mouths, and keep your opinions to yourselves. I understand looking in through a window at other peoples lives is fun, for whatever reason people get some sort of a thrill out of it. But my goodness, leave people the fuck alone. They’ll make the decisions they see fit to make, regardless of what you fucks have to say. Boo hoo, Erica made some dumb fucking choices. Most of us do, some of us are decent at avoiding them, but when emotions run high it’s near impossible to think rationally. Put your shit in perspective, you niggers.
    -lolcash :D.

  6. FUUUUUUUUUUU- looks like i missed the raging shitstorm that ravaged through here. RESTART PL0X.

  7. i just think it’s really harsh how she couldn’t even spare a tiny bit of photoshop for him, when she’s clearly gone to town with it on herself :/

  8. Well this has escalated now hasn’t it.
    What’s with the bone through his nose though?
    Is that’s what in now with you hip scene kids?
    Ima go crawl back in my hole and pretend Something Corporate is still together for another few monthes and just avoid this site.
    That is all

  9. Ew @ this Erica girl having Passion Pit on her stickam.
    Fuckin’ hipsters have totally ruined this band.
    Hate it when kids find good music on the front page of Myspace and disgrace it by putting it on their Stickam/Myspace pages.
    Go back to listening to your hardc0re shit while giving head to your busted boyfriend.

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