Danny Cespedes, aka Mr. Myspace, passed away nearly 7 months ago, but the Myspace Murder Mystery refuses to die. Last week the story went from tragic to macabre when Kiki Kannibal’s mother claimed to own certain images of the dead boy.
In an effort to force StickyDrama to remove images of Kiki and Cespedes from our website, Mama Kannibal filed a copyright infringement complaint with our web host, citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Under American law, the photographer owns the copyright to an image, whereas the subject of the image does not. StickyDrama must remove or disable access to Kiki’s likeness on our site for 2 weeks, at which point Mama Kannibal must file a lawsuit or drop her claim—a period known as “acquiescence.”
The temporary result of the complaint is a rather disturbing situation: A significant portion of Cespedes’s remaining online personality belongs to a person who played a role in his death. (The picture of Danny in a coffin was not taken by Mama Kannibal, and hence she has no grounds to demand we remove it.) To lighten the mood, we introduce our readers to the next big e-celeb, Piggy Kannibal:

Our dispute with the Kannibals involves several First Amendment issues: copyright, privacy rights, publicity rights, and fair use. On one hand, Kiki Kannibal is a registered Florida corporation; and although there is no record of a registered Kiki Kannibal trademark in the state of Florida, in America rights usually belong to whoever first uses the trademark in commerce—such as selling shitty fake diamond necklaces. On the other hand, StickyDrama’s criticism and satire of her online behavior clearly fall under “fair use,” especially since Kiki Kannibal is a limited purpose public figure. Cespedes’s right to privacy, under the law, ended with his death.

Assuming Mama Kannibal did not perjure herself when she swore to have taken the photos of Kiki and Cespedes, new questions arise. Questions any reasonable person, in particular a child’s caregiver, should think to ask. Questions such as, if Cespedes was the predatory criminal as he is often described, how he did gain access into the Kannibal family? Why would Mama Kannibal photograph the same smiling boy she would later say raped her daughter, if she did not at least initially approve of their relationship? Shouldn’t she have realized that a 19-year-old boy ought not to date a 14-year-old girl?
In an event, should the dispute go to court, a trial would take place in StickyDrama’s jurisdiction, Manhattan (New York County). The Kannibals would face an uphill battle here, where the New York Court of Appeals ruled that even unauthorized publication of someone’s likeness is “the price every person must be prepared to pay for a society in which information and opinion flow freely.”



  1. When you post a picture on the internet for use, no matter who took it, its open to the public and pretty much anyone can use it.
    Look it up.

  2. moron, Mama did NOT say with my grades, going to FSU (Florida State University) would require me to FSU (Fuck when Seriously Underaged)…so shut up!

  3. The only way a parent could approve a 19 year old boy being with her 14 year old girl is if there were substantial $$$ involved.. Maybe the IRS allows statutory rape under a new age College Savings Plan?

  4. Now, I can’t stand kiki. I really really really don’t like her. BUT! I think it’s ridiculously stupid that you, stickydrama, persist on claiming she played some sort of role in his death. She played a roll in his CAPTURE. He decided to jump the fuck off a building.
    Quit being such a teeny bitch fag. It’s not really anything but horrible when you ridicule and persecute one over another one person’s death, js.

  5. kiki smiles but she really needs a penis in her vagina its been 3 mins since the last penis was in her strached out pussy

  6. “Why would Mama Kannibal photograph the same smiling boy she would later say raped her daughter, if she did not at least initially approve of their relationship? Shouldn’t she have realized that a 19-year-old boy ought not to date a 14-year-old girl?”
    funny actually you really have a point here sticky
    mama fatpig is dumb as shit
    i love when people try to defend themselves and let the truth slip

  7. mamma Kannibal i the worst parent. holy fuck. There are hotlines we can call for terrible parenting taht affects there kid. i mean even a mentally challenged person would be a better parent than mamma Kannibal

  8. Ooohhh, Kiki’s gonna go after sticky legally. Congrats Kiki, you’ve stooped just a bit lower in life.When you become publicly known your crap is going to be posted everywhere, which is why you’ll never be an actress because the web is filled with tons of tabloids that CAN AND WILL write about you. Js.

  9. Mama Kannibal needs to be locked up in a nut house.
    Hopes she’s happy making her daughters the worlds biggest whores.

  10. wow. mama needs to stfu and deal with it. her daughter’s a whore and is prolly gonna wind up with the clap and knocked up with triplets.
    oh, and that “high-quality jewelry?” I COULD GET BETTER SHIT AT THE DOLLAR STORE…js


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