You know, dear readers, StickyDrama has been calling Matthew Lush a two-faced stereotype for about 3 years now. But lately we’ve grown flat-out disgusted by his dancing-4-dollars gimmick.

The 20-something-year-old spamgod isn’t a spring chicken anymore. His fake marshmallow-soaked-in-honey smile isn’t able to sell as many crappy t-shirts as it did in his teens.  At least, that’s our best guess, since he recently bitched on both YouTube and Twitter (hey, why not Plurk, Matthew?) that there were only 4 dollars in his bank account.

Cry us a fucking river. A broke e-celebrity … a tragedy … such a tragedy.  And as if a broke e-celeb wasn’t rare enough, there is disturbing evidence that Lush might be a big flaming phony as well.  What are the odds of that!  Anyway Hislatestvictim, whoever the fuck she is, wrote as much on a recent formspring response:

It is unclear how Stacey here knows Lush, but her opinion of his character coincides perfectly with our own.  He’s the stereotypical faggot who gives normal cocksuckers a bad name.  PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON.


  1. You know who tries to act like him? Danny Noriega! From dannynoriega . com! he acts like a gay god, running around on stickam claiming to love all his fans when in fact hes a crybaby who talks crap about them behind their backs, especially those that send him pictures and stuff. some people have sent him laptops and lots of money, i just think its rediculous to “love” someone so much that you dont know them yet you spend your own money or max out your credit cards to give the retards with no life and no jobs all their money! what is up with this world?

  2. he only way this could be even more epic win is a few more posts of his demise show and we seem him get more and more primadonna sobbing to point his slits his wrists on cam.

  3. Awww it is kind of sad that his whole life was built on-line in a fantasy. I mean did his parents just not give a shit about him? He built up some fantasy world to make up for/give himself the life he thought he should have had and now it is falling apart. I feel sorta sad for him. I mean maybe he was just never “raised right” or something. Then again Hollywood is kind of fantasy land and his ego did get the better of him.
    Yes he is fake. Yes he preys on kids. But he was doing that long before he became an adult and somebody should have stepped in when he was a kid and gave him some guidance to prevent him from preying on kids. Now it’s too late he’s an adult and people think “he should know better”, but it’s not so easy when you’ve been doing things a certain way most of your life. And nobody cares or is willing to help or worse you don’t even know where to go to get help for your addictions and psychological problems. He has a long road ahead.
    And while he’s on that road I shall run him over!

  4. What nobody bought your shirt off at the Hot Topic website?! But you put SO much creativity into it.
    And now he is begging for money… in what has to be the most disgusting and hypocritical manner I have ever seen. Apparently he has enough money pay for internet services so I say fuck off you lying cheating faggot!
    Oh how I wish you could read this so you would know how I feel about your selfish actions.
    I work with kids from violent situations many who have NOTHING. Some are child prostitutes, some are abused beyond repair. And your fucking sorry ass has the gall to ask for money after you manipulated young children and preyed on them for their money.
    Well I’m sorry but I gave my money to a homeless man in the wheelchair on Mission Street in SF (true) asshole.
    So quit preying on children, if you want to do that become a priest and maybe God will save you. Hell they’ll even protect you. You are the “Gaygod” right? So call up the pope…
    And if you’re hungry eat dumbass…even in LA I know they have fucking fruit trees. Just pluck something, wash it, and then eat. Or you could take that money and go to BK and not starve. Or if you’re really hard on cash maybe that other has been Jeferee Star will loan you his last $10.
    Is it bad to feel so good about the demise of somebody you hardly knew. Sorry but it just feels so good that he is finally falling after all the bullshit he pushed to our youth and the money he stole from them like he was some bank executive.
    To be serious for a moment though: Matthew get professional help. You are sick preying on young children and need help. This can only lead down a dark path. Asstart!

  5. yea hes not attractive, hes flaming gay, and has extremely ugly hair. What less can you ask for?

  6. p.s.
    he needs a different haircut. his hairstyle makes him look bald-er and just making him look even more older.
    matt, head down to vidal sasson. a haircut from a student is only 10 bucks, so i hope you sell a t-shirt soon.

  7. when did he age like 10 years? anyway, i’d agree with the comment about him getting into porn. i’ve seen some ugly ass guys in porn, so i imagine it’d be pretty easy for matt to become porn’s next power bottom. maybe a bareback gangbang?
    i imagine he thinks he’s above getting a real job?

  8. Honestly I am just super sick & tired of Matthew. He’s really fake, at first you couldn’t really tell. Now it’s to the point where when I see him he makes me sick.

  9. He wont get a job anytime soon due to his fucking high ego. Kids never learn especially e-celebs or in his case has been.

  10. Whenever I say this, I always get told that I’m jealous or something. But I seriously think he’s so unattractive… and even MORE unattractive is his undying belief that he’s adorable. I wish he would die, because he exploits good causes [gay rights, animal rights] just to make himself seem superior.

  11. maybe i’m old-fashioned…but why doesn’t lushy just get into porn? I mean, he’s decent enough looking to at least get a few jobs (no pun intended) lined up. …although, i have seen his dick and did anyone else think it looked kinda like a red charms lollipop?

  12. I agree, with the above comment.
    I really shows how pathetic and lazy you are.
    He isnt even cute. And it isnt hard to get a job. At least go to school or something. geez

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