Kiki Kannibal sang Live on Stickam.

What do you think?


  1. SING FROM THE YOUR DIAPHRAGM!!!! Not from your nose….fail just fail. uggg…

  2. I think calling her a whore etc is very unnoriginal. I intensely dislike her, but please, come up with an original line. In saying that, she sounds like she’s trying to be overly breathy and grainy on every single word. It makes the whole thing sound bad because instead of a gravelly voice break, every word is emphasised and trying to sound ‘sexy’ or something. It just doesn’t sound good when you’re forcing every word like that.

  3. a little more training and she’ll be superb she’s just gotta stop pushing it, but her vibrato’s almost mastered

  4. She sounds like she’s on drugs at the end…or playing dumb.
    and it’s really obvious she has braces, she should stop trying to hide it.

  5. She is definitly trying too hard. She is trying to sound like Lacey Mosley. God knows only Lacey can pull off that sound. Fail for Kiki.

  6. why the fuck does everyone think they can sing now adays its fucking annoying
    if god or whoever the fuck u believe did not give u the talent then dont do it
    shes sounds like a cat stuck in a orgy >_> its whiny and nasally >_>
    she was obviously just put here to look pretty in front of a camera and nothing more

  7. why does she breath out so hard after every line? “I told you so huuuu, I’m sorry huuuuuu, when you fall huuuuu” lol wft?!

  8. ^Lol i forgot about that,what a waste of money.Her talking voice isn’t bad therefor her singing voice is just blah if she went on AI they wouldn’t give her a ticket to hollywood i can tell you that haaaaaaa.

  9. She’s mentioned before that she used to see a voice coach, so this is her after training. LOL I guess we’ll be seeing her doing porn in no more than a few years.

  10. She isn’t HORRIBLE but. . . she isn’t any good either
    please somebody put a stop to this before she finally actually tries to put something out

  11. the thing is she thinks shes amazing at singing…LOL and for everyone saying she sounds like kesha is a dumbass kesha talks in her songs and doesn’t sing why because shes not good.

  12. She sounds like a bunch of cats falling on bricks falling on bagpipes.
    Stop moaning you ho, this isn’t a porno ffs

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