Add “thieving” to the list of pejoratives describing good-for-nothing no-talent “model” Audrey Kitching. Fashion blog Trend de la Crème caught the pink whore stealing its content, without so much as a link or thank you.
Audrey’s January 16th blog post is almost identical to TDLC’s January 15th post. TDLC cried plagiarism, and wrote that Audrey’s theft “totally sucks major pink ass.”
Please, dear readers, don’t spam this post’s comments with pictures of Audrey’s skanky square vagina.  That would be impolite.


  1. Remember when Audrey was hot?
    Yeah, me neither,
    LOL. I’m sorry but I have yet to seen anyone top the sheer beauty of Barbara Stanwyck, Rita Hayworth, or Grace Kelly and they didn’t have to “die” there hair to get that way… I mean you can have pink hair and all but seriously are these people going to act 12 forever?

  2. @ Anon 2:34 am
    “WHO THE FUCK CARES IF SHE COPIED YOU? everyone copies everyone, get the fuck over it. I’m sure you have copied someone in your life right? we all COPY the “trends” that are popular RIGHT?”
    As Pablo Picasso said, “Bad artists copy great artists steal.”
    hence she a stupid hack twat with no talent.
    “I’ve met her on many occasions and we have mutual friends and let me tell you, that girl has style.”
    Yeah style like the bastard child of Liberace and a nudibranch.
    “She commands attention in every situation she’s in, kinda like myself.”
    Hmm, I imagine the attention she and you command are for the four seconds everyone goes what the fuck is that thing? Funny but in SF nobody would notice her with all our crazies here. If wants attention she should get off her ass and do to Ala-fucking-bama and try make a change with her style. or is that too scary.
    “She has the life you all want and will never have so get the fuck off your computers and go do something with yourselves.”
    You assume the life I want is spent on Twitter wearing back clothes and having bad hair listening to bad music.
    “Oh and your fashion blogs suck dude, you and your site will never be anything.”
    I can see how you would no all about this as you will never be anything spending your life on the internet defending some hack copy artist “friend” of yours instead of doing something productive like working with disabled children.
    As for me I know how to manage my time so I can both troll on-line and get “real” shit done that moves society forward and all while be an attention whore as opposed to an attention bore.

  3. I’m a fashion stylist and designer, and while Audrey doesn’t post anything of her own, she has wonderful style. She’s a great model, it’s what she does. Most models do tons of drugs and date rockstars and get independent in the industry once they get older (in comes fashion blogging and design…). I used to like her swagger when I was in highschool, I always thought she had something to her. Seeing that she copied these blogs, several times and blatantly, is really dissapointing. LA got to her.

  4. I love Audrey and all, but most of her posts are directly from… Same content, same pictures.. Just sayin..

  5. Audrey is just a hater who has always copied everyone else. Remember when she ledt stickam just because stevie ryan tsrating going on and audrey even stopped being her friend over it?
    I hate how people think just because they have a bright hair color they are original. Go to a rave, half the retards there look like audrey.

  6. Honestly, I can tell everyone she is a nice person. I won one of her “meet the fans at a movie” contest (paper heart) and she really cares about her fans. She’s not all that original, but you have to admit, she’s interesting.

  7. I heard she was going to be in a remake of velvet goldmine but they fired her because of all the drama on the internet?

  8. aha anon 12:34, s my d. Nobody has a care in the world for audrey, her unoriginal bs, or her lose/square vagina. have a nice day.

  9. “JESUS CHRIST what “HARD WORK” did she “STEAL” from that lame blog?? 3 FU_KING PICTURES that flow all over internet! She did NOTHING you losers!”
    I’d love to see someone defend Amor/Kiki/ANYONEELSE in this manner, because I doubttttttt anyone would!

  10. Just going to say, there was no plagiarism involved. The pictures of those items belong to the companies who made them, not that chick at TDLC or Audrey. She just used those pictures that were featured at TDLC.. if anything, she should give credit to the companies for using their images. It’s more concerning if she blatantly copied and pasted the words of the article.

  11. Audrey knows absolutley nothing about fashion. Stevie Wonder could see that. But right now being a fashionista is trendier than ever so Audrey jumps on the band wagon like usual.

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