John Hock’s viewers (and hecklers) might have noticed his new beauty mark.

The shiner was apparently delivered by Drew Deviation, with whom a very drunk Hock was recently hanging out. At the home of an unknown person, Drew went Live and began recording Hock … but not the fake, shallow braggart who hosts The John Hock Show. No; Drew preserved a rare glimpse at the immature, out-of-control mess that is the real Hock, the Hock that emerges when the webcam is turned off.

Sources close to the subjects describe how later that night, Hock became more violent and lunged at Drew. Drew, in self-defense, threw the bellicose male prostitute into a stove—giving Hock a black eye. In his Live the following evening, Hock claimed to have no memory of those events, appearing shocked and appalled by his disgraceful actions.
Interesting to note that Hock was so intoxicated, he claimed to be 24, then 22, and then again 24 years old. If this is true, then his numerous sex crimes against minors become a more serious matter: Most states consider a larger age discrepancy between victim and assailant to call for a more severe punishment; what would have been a misdemeanor could easily become a felony.


  1. lawwwwwwl wtf? john actually looks better and kinda cuter when he’s hella drunk. cause in that video he doesn’t have that little “i haven’t shaved since yesterday morning” beaner stache that he usually does like on his show and shiz.

  2. He apologized in his live a million times.
    I don’t like him all that much, but sticky, you sound like a bad biased tabloid with this one.
    For real now.

  3. John hock is not a celeb, which is why he came to Stickam since he got deleted so many times on MySpace cause people hated him so bad, same shit will happen to him on Stickam. He’s nobody, not famous, not a celeb. Stop relating him to something he’s not, he’s trying but as pathetic as he’s trying. It’s not working.

  4. I love Gage. >.>
    And, recently, I’ve become pretty hyped up about a lot of bullshit, and I think it just feels like I need to vent sometimes.
    Diva, I know that my comments have gotten bland, un-ineresting, and repetitive, and I know that.
    Hock epitomizes a lot of things I despise in people.
    And being a human, I’m not allowed to complain and rant about normal people.
    Hock on the other hand, I can say what I want because there are a lot of people who agree with me.
    And anyone who comes to Stickydrama is coming here to get the latest dirt on some one or another. I don’t care who you are. You care coming to this site to see who else has fucked up, who has had sex, who got naked, who’s taken what drug. That’s why this site is so popular. Because people LOVE to see other people at their worst. ESPECIALLY “celebs”. Because it makes them seem human. Makes them out to be more on our level.
    So when you say that we’re too concerned with their business, that may be true, but you’re here as well.
    To dish the dirt.
    To read the bullshit.
    To get in on it.
    That’s who we are as people.
    I’m not trying to be rude, or anything, I’m just attempting to make a point. And my apologies if it sounds a little rambling and choppy. I haven’t slept yet, worked all night, all that bullshit jazz.

  5. It’s not so much that he’s drunk, because he’s an asshole in general, drunk or not, and that is what is sad. If you really ever get to know him youll be flabbergasted at how much of a dick he really is.

  6. John was so funny, he was obnoxious but funny. Regina was trying to keep everyone together peacefully, and Frankie was trying to keep everyone off of him cause everyone was trying to kiss him haha

  7. I’m not a “Hock hater or lover”,.. That being said, oh come on! So he got drunk,.. if this were any other person who would even care? Big deal he got drunk! Most people do. And this whole “sources say” blah blah, thats still just hearsay. The whole age thing, pfft lame. I’ve been so drunk I thought my friend was a puppy.


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