Wednesday of this past week, OwnagePranks pushed his routine a tad too far for Stickam’s taste, and his account was banned until last night. Ownage had called a Walmart employee and, while Live, pretended to be a black man molesting an infant.
Banning a user for speech alone is relatively unusual and raises a variety of legal and philosophical questions, namely whether online speech should be censored at all. Our readers will recall that Foxxx was not banned but rather heavily promoted for giving a platform to Shirley Phelp’s vitriolic homophobia. Apparently the eroticization of children is too scandalous for Stickam, whose corporate parent DTI Services operates wholesome websites such as DxLive.
Ownage’s account was restored after he swore to Admins that he would never again violate TOS, which prohibit “objectionable” content.
StickyDrama is no fan of prank calls, which we find get out-of-hand very easily; they are by their very nature “objectionable.” But Stickam features pranksters like Ownage and PCR knowing full well their routines, thereby condoning them. If the company promotes some pranks but not others, the limit of what is acceptable should be clearly articulated.


  1. Risky theme. I think you’ve hurt someone’s feelings, but what’s for me – I like it. No matter what they say if your opinion

  2. Hey earthdog, the only reason this “zolar” character could do this and get away with it is because he has 11 listeners in his live room, aka he’s bad. People flag me all the time, half the time its for pointless reasons

  3. NAW..that anonymous hoe is pissing me off, WTF is you
    doing on stickydrama if you
    can’t handle a joke?! Fuck…
    you need to stop acting like
    a little bitch. That shit had
    me laughing..H A R D. i’m still

  4. HAHAHAHAHA I think it’s hilarious…obviously if it was real..I wouldn’t find it funny at all,but it’s a fucking joke and people need to calm the hell down.

  5. As I said I realize it was a fucked up thing to do. I guess it depends on how you look at it. Nonetheless, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It already happened, I can’t take it back, so whats the point in sitting here arguing about it. Move on, or just don’t listen to my shows, it’s up to you.

  6. Um, molesting children isnt really something to laugh about.
    I have a good sense of humor and all…
    but seriously, even if it was just a pre-recorded sound, child molestation really isnt that funny. Its actually not funny at all.

  7. Oh contraire monsieur. Not everyone has “moved on.” As in life, where you don’t commit a crime, get caught, and then go unpunished, so too are the internetz. You can’t do something this fucked up and expect everyone to just say “oh well.” Your only argument is that “it was a joke, move on.” That doesn’t cut in in r/l and it won’t cut it here, on the world wide web. Oh, and how about I get 10 people to request that you slice your wee wee off on cam? Stupid people have a stupid view of what is logical.

  8. Well, I already apologized, not much more I can do for you. This was requested on my site about 10 times, which is why I gave in and just did it. It isn’t something I am proud of. If I was serious, thats one thing, but since you knew I was joking you should just move on like everyone else has.

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