StickyDrama is unsure exactly how many times Tomy Toolshed has announced that he was leaving Stickam, but for laughs let us assume this time is for real-real, not for play-play.

He laughed, he cried, he unfortunately tried to sound philosophical; that much was to be expected. What was unexpected was his gay dancing to the gayest songs in existence.

When asked directly why he was leaving Stickam for good, Tomy replied via PM: “Im focusing on my life and making my father proud of me … and this is a distraction, an unneeded one. All I’m striving for is to make my father proud .. so i can hear him say for once ‘I’m proud of you Tomy’ … thats all I want.”
All very touching, but is it complete and total bullshit? His ex-girlfriend Britni says so, and her version of the story is corroborated by 16-year-old Angelica Applesauce. According to them, Tomy cheated on Britni with Angelica when he and Britni were still together. Angelica provided StickyDrama with lengthy AIM logs and a written account of her experience, and our readers may be assured that they’re juicy as fuck. Nevertheless we find it imperative here to mention the most salacious detail of all, quoting Angelica verbatim:
“I said no 4 times when he was trying to get down my pants before i gave up…. He didn?t even ask about a condom. Not one time. He said he would pull out. Which the funny thing is he did like 5 times. He cummed all over the room. He didn?t even clean his shit up.”
Angelica, who was then and is still 16 years old whereas Illinois’s age of consent is 17, pinpoints the date of their tryst as December 18, 2007. Since she was under 17 years of age at the time but older than 13, and Tomy was legally an adult not more than 5 years older than she, he is guilty of a “criminal sexual abuse,” a Class A Misdemeanor under Illinois statute 720 ILCS 5/12?15.
Contrary to Tomy’s figure of 35 years, the maximum punishment he faces is 1 year in jail, a $2500 fine, or both.



    She even told everyone it wasn’t rape!
    Do you not know how to fucking read.

  3. she didnt get raped. she gave the fuck up? its called YOU LEAVE BITCH. she wants attention, and obviously wanted it. otherwise she wouldnt have done it. she could have left…
    god. females are fucking retarded.

  4. wow,all of you are pathetic,,get a life all of you
    tomys a rapist,we get it.
    hes just fucked up in the head
    and cant say off of stickam cause fathe toolshed calls him a looser all the time and slapps him around alot.
    and idk why elliotben is mad at me
    im lost at that =\

  5. It wasn’t forced rape, but it was STATUTORY RAPE. I was in his live yesterday and he admitted to it.

  6. OK now i’m fuckin pissed,
    tomy toolhead is a attention whore1.and 2.looks like he’s 15 years old and acts 10.
    he says he isnt going live anymore makes a whole big deal about it then like not even a week later goes live because he was bored?
    and a RAPIST.
    bullshit, and i think he did it for more views and to outshine elliotben.
    atleast elliotben is cute.
    seriously now, grow up.

  7. “Riding fat girls is like riding scooters, it’s fun until your friends see you on one”
    That’s all I have to say :]

  8. i agree with you brittany 100%.
    and i’m honored to be your hero lmmmmfaooo.
    apocalypse horse you’re not twofaced, but you sure are ugly.

  9. holy sweet jesus this is what happens when the internet is taken too seriously =]]

  10. lmfao, Anon.
    You’re officially my hero.
    And no, I’m not pulling shit out of my ass.
    If she wanted it, then why bother pressing charges? It’s a ton of bullshit. And you know as well as I do that it is. So don’t go and make shit statements to me that it’s me pulling stuff out of my ass for my “hero”.
    Tomy’s my FRIEND. And I’m gonna defend him. When choice is necessary to be made, I choose Tomy. Maybe this is why he doesn’t know who he can trust?

  11. Brittany, angelica has been VERY honest about the fact that it wasn’t rape, she’s under the age of consent so it’s STATUTORY rape, while both parties consent it’s still illegal. Everyone seems to be ignoring the fact that it’s “statutory” and not “he-beat-me-and-held-me-down-and-forced-me” rape.
    Angelica wouldn’t of needed this post to be on my good side, and she didn’t even KNOW koti before the other day. so saying she’s doing this to stay on our good sides is just trying to pull shit out of your ass to try to make your hero look better in your eyes.

  12. Part 2:
    Koti- If Ang is learning from anyone, it’s you. I mean, clearly she’s two-faced, and it’s pretty evident that you are as well. You’re a down right bitch, and I can’t believe that I ever even thought to trust you. If you didn’t have anything to hold against me, now you do.
    Britni- I trusted you at one point, and you were my friend. But now I don’t know what to think. Sure, you’ve helped me through a lot, and I appreciate that. But when you go and you turn a bunch of shit on the one person that actually gives a shit about what happens to me…that’s when I draw the line and start to have an issue.
    Grow the hell up.
    You’re 18 years old, and you shouldn’t be pulling such immature shit.

  13. What’s funny is that this whole story is posted here, and then Angelica’s sitting here and saying that she never said it was rape. If that was the case, then the story shouldn’t even be posted to begin with, and the information shouldn’t have been given in the first place. So you’re fucking lying to someone, Angelica. And it’s clearly sticky; Because it just came to my attention that you’ve been rather two-faced. So what’s the truth, Ang? Had all this posted just to stay on Britni and Koti’s good side? Because if that’s the fucking case, you need to learn how to keep friends. And..hmm..just a word of advice, accusing them of rape isn’t a way to do that.

  14. doesnt matter if he told the truth or not
    he said a reason they broke up
    you said he never did so yes again
    get your facts straight

  15. there is no “e” in potato
    anonymous said, April 4th, 2008 at 7:33 am
    appaerntly he didnt tell the whole truth.
    hes the couch potatoe.

    we know the difference, she shouldn’t have told stickydrama, she should have shut her big fat FUCKING MOUTH
    he left because he wants everyone out of his life, all of his mistakes, including this one. leave the fucking kid alone
    i don’t think he’s cute nor would i side with him for his looks, your the naive one for thinking so
    it’s the GIRLS FAULT for letting him jump from couch to couch
    have some respect and if you don’t like it tell him to get the fuck out
    it’s all these girls fault he manipulated them… he should actually be applauded for showing just how gullible and SLUTTY our generation has become

  17. appaerntly he didnt tell the whole truth.
    hes the couch potatoe.
    I really had no respect for him when he jumped from couch to couch.
    Angelica, your are not fat and ugly. Don’t let none of these people put you down.

  18. tomy did say why they broke up
    shoes how much you know
    next time dont open your mouth till you got your facts

  19. i like how she sucked him off afterwards.
    that shows how emotionally shattered she was, haha.

  20. Tomy is a douche bag, if you didn’t realize this. I liked him, but then I heard all the shitty things he did.
    And Shes not fat, or ugly. Get a fucking life. Even if she was, it doesn’t make a difference.
    You all need to stop being naive and think about it. Did you notice how Tomy didn’t tell anyone why him and Brit broke up? Or how he made it out to make her sound bad? You all sided with him because hes ‘cute’.

  21. I LOVE IT!
    Such a mess.
    And he sounded like a fucking church pastor or something during his final show! What a douche. I’m not saying the girl is right, neither do I care! But the fact is, Tomy is and will always be a douche bag.
    Elliot, I love you… I bet 1 WEEK!

  22. “and third make him wear a condom its your responsibility to whether youre underage or not.”
    i agree.

  23. I am so sick of all these young girls trying to act adult like fucking anyone who will give them the time of day and then crying “Rape!” Its all bullshit! They have no idea what rape really is and I pray they never will. Where the hell are all these girls parents. Didn’t they bother to teach them right from wrong?

  24. apocolypse is fucked up she talks shit then goes in tomys room
    apologizes and tries to get all pity pity
    then kicks everyone out on his last show
    grow up you immature self centered bitch
    you’re hair is choppy and looks like something that came out of a monkeys heiny

  25. actually read what you said you said its statutory RAPE.
    which seeing as none of you seem to have a clue is rape with a child underage and three years younger in most states.
    if you really didnt want to have sex keep saying no tell someone and kick his ass out.
    dont be like FINE i give in and open your legs.
    second you did want it posted you went in stickys chat and blabbed the whole story, knowing it was going to be posted, meaning you were doing it for attention
    and third make him wear a condom its your responsibility to whether youre underage or not.

  26. little girls need to stop complaining about getting fucked and dumped. stop begging for attention and keep your legs shut cause i can smell the tuna from canada.

  27. I so know this girl. She was in one of my classes. She is the sweetest girl you would ever meet. OMG! I can’t believe you are all so mean.

  28. That’s probably what happened.
    He is ashamed. Which is pathetic. That shows what type
    of guy he really is.

  29. Okay i don’t care for tomy…but i must admit..i fucked a fat girl before too..and i kept it as a secret..and i never tell my friends about it..sometimes when ur horny…u will fuck any thing!..thats whats up.

  30. if stickydrama made a post that jesus himself was getting a stickam im pretty sure half of you would believe it and miss applesauce is part of that half. Applesauce i bet you did suck his dick and that whole “weak” person thing was the most pathetic thing ever. Im glad i dont know you IRL. You should keep this whole internet attention thing up because by your looks this will basically be the highlight of your life. Enjoy your 5 second fame for being faked raped. Ewwww

  31. He’s a fucking piece of lying shit. He’s nothing but lies and bullshit. I really wish that girl would turn him in, he needs to fucking go to jail for what he did. Love how he talked shit about John Hock too, when he did the sam shit, well actually i think Tomy’s case was worse. What a fucking low life piece of shit.

  32. nobodys calling tomy shallow theyre
    saying he has to high of standards
    to sleep with a fat liar and if you didnt want attention you wouldnt
    have gone in stickys chat with koti hoe bag and told them you knew
    it was gonna get posted quit lying already
    plus you did know his aim password
    because britni told elliot ben and
    he posted in the chat

  33. shuttup fatty. nothing was important in that and i didn’t read till the end. type in real sentences. god damn.

  34. I was angry when i wrote
    that and it was when me
    and him were fighting.
    I’m not saying it was
    wrong we had sex, im
    saying the fact is that
    he lied Britni and I. Yes
    i am fat and ugyly. I felt unwanted at the time. Sure
    i had a bf and its a long distance realationship.
    Tomy was right there. He
    was caring. Sure sometimes
    i felt like he didnt care.
    But the times he ddi,
    needless to say i might
    of thought i fell in love
    with him and having sex
    for the first time with
    him let out a bunch of emotions. Then he went to florida and i never spoke
    to him again. Tell me
    girls if you havent already lost your virginity, you wouldnt feel the same as
    me? Angry, upset,
    frustrated, depressed, especially with the chance
    of you getting pregnant or having a baby? And then for them to not care. This
    really did happen and he
    knows he hurt me and he apologized. The pics we
    took together were deleted cause i had no use for them since we werent friends anymore. If you turley
    were a fan of his you
    would of known he stayed
    with me after his breakup with sammantha. I really hope he canges cause . Ask him personally. I hope he doesnt lie. Hes just scared of
    losing his family. He knows
    he fucked up and he wants to start over and good for him. I’m proud. Its about darn time he realized his mistakes. I dont care if you all dont believe me. I just hoped
    this would be powerful
    enough to change him. To
    make him realize he hurt lots of girls. yeah he can be a great guy if he wants too. You just really need to know him before you blaim me. Tomy, I didnt want this to get so far. I just hope you can change and not hurt any more girls in the process. I believe in you. Some say you wont change, and they may be right cause they do know you better. And for all you saying he wouldnt sleep with a fat girl, your basically calling him a shallow person and i doubt a fan of his would do that. Your really no fan. Tomy cant you realize that. They truly just want you
    for your looks. They cant see
    the real you.

  35. I agree with Anon LOL
    And btw if takes 2 people to fuck, she obviously wanted it so why is it wrong? You can’t say no and lie there like a dead fish. If you really didn’t want him to have sex with you, you would’ve pushed him away.

  36. added to which american arent real people anyway so no one listens to their law being the bastard child of britain lmao

  37. well for one 16 is legal in uk so who cares as uk is the only law worth listening to… secondly who cares its the internet stickam is just the net. it isbnt real u lot need to really get a life

  38. when i was fourteen tomy begged me repeadidly to come live with him in new york.
    “you’re so beautiful baby”
    “ill treat you like a queen”
    it was so fucked up. and then when i kept telling him that i couldn’t but i still wanted to be friends he freaked out and said i had to “prove to him” with a suprise of some sort that i really liked him. he’s emotionally messed up.

  39. He shouldnt of slept with
    her in the first place if
    he had a girlfriend. If you read their aim convos he
    did it to make her happy. Maybe she isn’t the prettiest girl in the world and he just wanted her to feel wanted. Y’all don’t have to be so mean. Angelica, if you two made up then this all was a big misunderstanding
    then this post should be removed. they both are getting hurt in this process.

  40. GTFO of my house. Its Soccermomluke not “soccermom” Cool. I don’t know any of them. I think my life might just be saved! Yay Jesus!

  41. hey “soccermom” (wtf) you don’t know them in real life, either. you don’t know ANY of them. we all don’t. eat your words, mommy.

  42. stupid, he got a new aim. i didnt know the paswords for his aim. i only knew myspace and stickam.

  43. Haha theres NO way tomy would ever do that fat bitch. EVER.
    There is no pictures or videos or anything of them together, shes a lying attention whore.
    She prob raped him, he would never EVER cheat on britini for a chubby ugly girl like that.

  44. lmao, if she, angelica, found out his passwords and shit, how do you know she and brit didn’t make up the whole damn convo.
    i believe tomy more than that attention whore anyday.

  45. Hey Apocalypse Pony,
    I don’t even think Tomy’s cute yet I believe him more than that fat bitch. You should be lucky he dated you, you look like the inner layering of a zebra’s ass.

  46. also but yeah i agree
    with Apocalypse Pony.
    we knew him. you dont.
    thats why hes leaving to change. thats good for
    him, but my storys out
    there, and seriously
    girls be careful a guy
    might have a pretty face
    but can be ugly on the
    if you read the aim talks you can see he admited to it. so its not a lie ha. idiots

  47. its the truth and to me
    i dont see it rape.
    me and tomy talked
    about this and it is
    as much as both our
    faults. we said sorry
    to eachother. this was
    blown up out of proportin.
    and for attention ha,
    i didnt want this story to
    get on stickydrama. thats
    all i have to say. believe what you want, it happened.
    no one is saying its rape rape, its just statoutory
    rape, which mean having sex with a minor. whick to me
    idk care if both parties
    agree. its the fact he lied
    to both of us. but hes
    willing to change and i
    do give him credit for that.

  48. You people who have never fucking met him really don’t know anything youre talking about. I DATED HIM. BRITNI DATED HIM, ANGELICA KNEW HIM.
    3 of us. know tomy is a piece of shit. And our words overpower the words of all you tomy slut fans because, oh hes so cute and oh he cares about me. WRONG. like i said. let him stay on your couch for a week. you’ll hate him after that.

  49. lol. i didn’t write that, i don’t even want to get back into modeling. also anyone who knows me knows i’ve NEVER used the phrase cheers to end a comment/message/conversation.
    for the record, i have said multiple times that i wish tomy had never done this. i was more then happy to just leave things as they were and move on.
    as for me “finding out” and her “back peddling” she told me of her own accord. Tomy admits to making mistakes, he cheated on me with her and lied to me about it. for the people saying he gave me anything i wanted, you might want to actually talk to both parties before siding.
    either way. i’m done with this whole tomy bullshit. people can believe what they want about him. the people actually involved know the truth.

  50. tomy is amazing
    the girl is obviously in need of a therapy session
    to get some attention you do not
    get “raped” and then wait a few months
    to just announce it publicly online
    thats the stupidest shit ever
    ps the chick isnt even cute britni atleast was

  51. dude, did anyone get the video of audreys freak out yesterday? apparently she came and started a bunch of shit with tara mason while she was live. she came to tara’s house and started screaming about her nudes (probably upset that she has a square vagina). apparently, all of the viewers saw it. someone cover this shit asap!

  52. LOLOLOLOL. two words. fucking pathetic. I laughed so hard at this video….are you guys serious ? this is one of the saddest videos i’ve ever watched. There are no words for how much of a loser tomy tearshed is, i feel so sorry for him.

  53. AWH
    i’m gonna miss tomy
    even tho some stuff he pulled was stupid and blah.
    He was still a funny entertainer.
    idk about the rape thing
    people make mistakes and stuff if it’s even true.
    who knows
    all i do know is that i’ma miss tomy!
    i felt his speech to be really nice
    Bye Tomy!

  54. p.s. uMm she definitely contradicted herself..
    “This happened to me before by someone else. A much older guy. I didn?t know what to do. All I could think of was my b/f. And how much he will be hurt because I?m a weak person. ”
    what the fuck? i like the last sentence, “Eww.” wow.. whatta beast

  55. that girl is an ugly and just wanted the publicity. she had plenty of time, “i’m a weak person, i can be used easily?” bull shiiit. that’s like asking for someone to rape you. she wanted it and now that her precious role model britni found out she’s back pedaling and making tomy out to be the bad guy.
    what a fucking bitch. she’s ugly as hell.. tomy… if you ever actually DO rape someone, rape someone prettier. please.

  56. yeah, i agree with mimi.
    “no” means nothing.
    so much for thinking of ways to get out of that situation?
    clearly, in the end you wanted it as bad as he did if it was hard for you to shout to the people downstairs, or run away.
    i understand everyone is “weak”
    but i just figured girls had much more self respect regardless of strength.
    i guess i was wrong..
    and i guess you want attention?
    seems so!
    and lets me honest,
    who wouldnt want to be raped by tomy tooshed? lolol call me bby
    instead of crying out to stickydrama,
    be happy you weren’t raped by someone like tubby in yesterday’s post.
    just saying.

  57. Yea,
    I am a bitch, guess what, I dont care, All you fucks on stickam are worthless anyways. Just watch and see what I become, im getting back my modeling career and you can all bite my ass.

  58. maybe she wanted attention but his dick still went in her pussy so it takes to people two do the nasty unless she cut his dick off with scissors and shoved it inside of her :O?

  59. Ugh. She could have stopped him she just refused too. Saying no isnt going to do shit, she should have kept trying to push him off..obviously she didnt care or she wouldnt have “given up”.

  60. He didint fucking do it,shes ugly and tomy has better taste.She wanted it.and this is all just a fucked up lie.You say tomys fucked up,no no no that little cunt is fucked up for making this shit up.and as for Britni shes a controlling stuck up bitch thats wants to get back at him.When he never even did anything to her.All he did was give her everything she wanted.

  61. Statutory Rape Is A Joke. The Justice Systems Logic Never Seems To Meet Their Conclusions. Hypothetically, It’s Considered Perfectly Acceptable That A 16 Year Old Girl Has Sex With Her 16 Year Old Boyfriend, Gets Pregnant, Then Has An Abortion Without The Consent Of Her Parents — Yet, That Same 16 Year Old Girl Can’t Make The Rational Decision To Have Sex With Her 18 Year Old Boyfriend? It’s All Crap. If She Is Rational Enough To Make The Decision To Have Sex And Get An Abortion, Then She Should Be Able To Make The Rational Decision To Have Sex With An Older Man.

    just read her story at the bottom in the aim logs and i?m so sick of hearing about shit like this? it?s as much fault of the girls as it is of the guys sometimes. I am a girl saying this too. Turning around saying someone raped you after you clearly had plenty of chances to turn around and not let it happen. she said after she said no, she gave in and they went upstairs. wtf, if you are so set on not doing it then DON?T DO IT. You didn?t have to go upstairs with him, and a condom is as much of a responsibility to girls as it is to guys! Kind of makes you wonder if she really did say No to begin with, especially for someone who ?can?t say no to people?. Also she said it was her first time, but also said this same thing happened with another older guy. Fishy? Other stories you have on here about girls lying about their ages and fucking older dudes? that?s as much their fault as it is his! I don?t know these people really at all but by reading that all I have to say is people need to grow up before they spread their legs.

  63. i just read her story at the bottom in the aim logs and i’m so sick of hearing about shit like this… it’s as much fault of the girls as it is of the guys sometimes. I am a girl saying this too. Turning around saying someone raped you after you clearly had plenty of chances to turn around and not let it happen. she said after she said no, she gave in and they went upstairs. wtf, if you are so set on not doing it then DON’T DO IT. You didn’t have to go upstairs with him, and a condom is as much of a responsibility to girls as it is to guys! Kind of makes you wonder if she really did say No to begin with, especially for someone who “can’t say no to people”. Also she said it was her first time, but also said this same thing happened with another older guy. Fishy? Other stories you have on here about girls lying about their ages and fucking older dudes… that’s as much their fault as it is his! I don’t know these people really at all but by reading that all I have to say is people need to grow up before they spread their legs.

  64. oshi, I knew it was something more, but this?!
    But hey..when he dated Katie he wasn’t very nice to me, he had this imagination that I said things I’D NEVER SAY.
    Then he’d get everyone in his live mad at me.~
    He changed alot and somehow I can see him doing this..

  65. Rofl hey everyone gather round lets listen to the rapist tell us about how he was a nerd in school.GTFOFF MY INTARWEBZ

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