OMFG NOBODY SAW THIS ONE COMING!!!  Scene princess Amor Hilton didn’t have her fairy tale ending with her prince Nick of Radiation Year. Instead, they ended up hating each other’s guts, as their Twitter followers are well aware.
As Amor’s brother (in spirit, not blood) Eden Shizzle explained, Nick and Amor had to leave where they had been staying so far.  Chivalrous Nick secured himself accommodations at one of his friend’s, but neglected to bring along Amor, who was left to cry in a car before finally being taken in by Kelli from Compton (who herself is only couchsurfing at some dump up in Granada Hills, aka THE VALLEY.)
Oh, and it was not without a chuckle that we noticed Eden’s gay lover Matty cumming to the rescue.
You should have guessed option C, homeless, if you voted in our previous post about the star-crossed couple.


  1. wow seriously do you ever get tired of talking shit about amor hilton who even cares about the bitch anymore ? and as for the whole english lesson ,stfu no one cares if its “youre” or your ugh .

  2. Yeah, let them invade his apartment so much that his gorgeous nice girlfriend Ashalie moved out of THEIR apartment, and back to Maine. Who the fuck chooses those assholes over someone who loves you is beyond me. I know personally that that girl would’ve went to the ends of the earth for him. But the party scene, DTR fuckers, scene sluts, etc. were all way more important.
    Now what does he have? He got fucked over. Evicted. Now couch-surfing in Cali. Doing absolutely nothing with his education he had gotten. Probably starving most days. Amor’s disgusting ass being all over him and investing him with disease. Just flat out, a nobody.

  3. hahaha bullshit ^, obviously someone in “DTR” typing this bullshit, truth is, Nick supported all the kids there. He let everyone crash at his apartment and eat his food. Eventually everyone took advantage of the situation and it ended up fucking Nick over.

  4. Swayy you’re an obvious dumbass. You know him through the fucking internet, you don’t know shit about the real him. Yes, he has a Macbook Pro from Full Sail. Also stole 2 other Macbooks from other students that attended there and re-sold one. The other he probably still has.
    As for “lol”, MANY people who live here in Florida and spent time with him aka anyone in DTR KNOW about his thief. They all do it.

  5. He wasnt the one who did it. They gave him Macbooks at School at Full Sail, god you people are dumb, get a life, go home.

  6. He’s stolen TWO Macbook Pros, GPS’s, furniture, Playstation, Paintings, among MUCH MORE SHIT!!
    So is that a good person?

  7. actually no he didn’t, a bunch of them were drunk one night in a hotel room on the tour, and Nick was looking for Ben from STR and a bunch of peoples shit got mixed up. I was there, kid didn’t take anything, he rolls around with macbooks, hard drives, cameras etc, He pretty much was working his ass off on that tour.

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