Add “thieving” to the list of pejoratives describing good-for-nothing no-talent “model” Audrey Kitching. Fashion blog Trend de la Crème caught the pink whore stealing its content, without so much as a link or thank you.
Audrey’s January 16th blog post is almost identical to TDLC’s January 15th post. TDLC cried plagiarism, and wrote that Audrey’s theft “totally sucks major pink ass.”
Please, dear readers, don’t spam this post’s comments with pictures of Audrey’s skanky square vagina.  That would be impolite.


  1. anon 12:34
    you are an absolute moron first off. the ONLY thing people may want from this girl is the fact shes able to sit on her ass all day long and take pictures with her friends while BUZZNET pays her to do this shit along with post STOLEN BLOGS all day long. BUZZNET is the one who pays her to direct people to their site and has given her the opportunity to go to movie premiers to interview people as well as concerts. the only things she has accomplished is being a big time internet whore. but like all things buzznet will crash and die just like myspace has but it will be 10x worse because buzznet isn’t, and never will be as big as myspace. unless she actually makes something of herself with out the help of that company shes fucked somewhere down the line. did you notice she HIDES her age now on all of her social networking sits? its because shes getting old and no 15 year old girl is going to want to look up to a 30 year old pink haired woman who makes a living off posting pointless shit on the internet. stop defending this dumbass when there are so many more out there actually working their asses off for what they have. this girl is a joke to society and i cant wait until shes in her 30’s with nothing to show for her internet fame bullshit.

  2. she got hold of the mac style black collection a month after it came out and sold out lol, she is pretty late on that, and plus she doesnt really give a fuck about doing it. thats why she is late on stuff

  3. JESUS CHRIST what “HARD WORK” did she “STEAL” from that lame blog?? 3 FU_KING PICTURES that flow all over internet! She did NOTHING you losers! You’re getting attention because of her name, so apologize her and say THANKS!

  4. ^Agreed.
    and hahahahahahha OMGG I’ve never seen a square vagina, that shit is fucking hilarious.
    WTF is she doing in that top pic? Put her hand in it??

  5. “she has the life you all want and will never have so get the fuck off your computers”
    I wish I was a worthless internet model that fuck the ugliest guys with my square vag
    just need to get off my computer (just like audrey)
    go to fucking college audrey
    get a REAL job instead of copying fashion post
    and for the love of god cut your fired pink hair
    how old are you 25? being scene should stop once your 17
    take my advice audrey. its what you fucking need

  6. everyone that goes onto this site is retarded. this was my first time ever being on this site and its an absolute joke. WHO THE FUCK CARES IF SHE COPIED YOU? everyone copies everyone, get the fuck over it. I’m sure you have copied someone in your life right? we all COPY the “trends” that are popular RIGHT? Audrey may not be the smartest person ever, but she’s achieved what all of you want. you all are so concerned about everything she does even though you “hate” her. how can you hate someone you have never met? it doesn’t make sense. I’ve met her on many occasions and we have mutual friends and let me tell you, that girl has style. she commands attention in every situation she’s in, kinda like myself. she has the life you all want and will never have so get the fuck off your computers and go do something with yourselves. oh and your fashion blogs suck dude, you and your site will never be anything.

  7. ^ Word.
    I don’t think she has any real friends or anything to do, so she gets together with all her fake friends every once in awhile to do a shoot that they only do for free so they get promotion. When she’s not doing that she fashion blogs and does shitty diy shit.
    oh btw, her vag is square, but her tits are nice.

  8. she is soooo desperate to be known as a fashion blogger. i think its her desperate attempt to be seen as more than a “scene queen”. she knows no one offline take her “modeling” seriously and at the ripe age of 24 and not really making any real money from it i don’t blame her. she would seriously die without the internet because no one offline would take her seriously.

  9. lol i love how she always pins her faults on someone else every time she gets caught in a lie. i wonder if her “intern” is the one who posts all of her immature reactions on twitter every time someone upsets her or challenges her. i highly doubt she had someone write these posts when shes updating her photos and twitter 24/7. is it just me or are more and more of her lies coming to surface? you’re getting sloppy audrey. 😉

  10. YEAH WHATEVER TWO WEEKS, there’s like 6 identicle fashion posts. It’s something to raise concern because she JUST started fashion bloging about fashion, not just her life. UGH, so LOW BROW.

  11. “@robynadolan oh jesus it wasnt even me i was out on work that week and asked an intern to do two blogs for me. … RealAudreyKitch” she deleted that tweet though. damn.

  12. what does it matter? She reviews pictures of trends she likes. I read a lot of fashion blogs and a lot of the time they will almost all have an article on the same picture. So what makes her the bad guy?

  13. stupid bitch is finally getting what she deserves. ive been waiting patiently for karma to come back and kick her in the ass. thank you stickydrama!

  14. Audrey’s a stupid ass cunt. She looks like she’s in her late 40’s. So fucking sick of her.
    She needs to fuck off, because her crap is boring and unoriginal.


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