StickyHouse is still in development hell—Stickam’s API is not equipped to handle the simultaneous streaming of multiple cameras—but drama waits for no one.  Especially when you live with Amor HIlton.
The Rowan property manager sent StickyDrama a foreboding email one morning in the first week of May, asking us to come to his office.  There he told us, with as much seriousness as he could muster, “that pink haired girl” who resides at StickyHouse was found naked in the Rowan’s freight elevator, along with an unknown man.  They were found at 4:48 AM by the building’s nighttime security staff, who filed a written report of the incident.  According to the property manager, the report describes Amor as being “without a stitch of clothing on.”
StickyDrama has still not received a copy of the report, which the Rowan Property Owners’ Association will eventually mail to us.  But we did obtain video surveillance footage of Amor taking her male companion into and out of the building.

The identity of her male companion is not known, but one thing is certain:  He was not Amor’s present boyfriend, Ryan.  Readers familiar with Amor’s repertoire will not be shocked to learn that she and Ryan were officially dating at the time.  

As is often the case in cute boys with big fat wieners, Ryan is not terribly bright:  He doesn’t see anything improper in the footage; and does not believe the security guard’s report because “I trust my girlfriend.”  Ryan gave a similar response after being shown photos and live video of Amor in bed with her ex-boyfriend Matty at StickyHouse.  Ryan “trusted his girlfriend,” who explained that she and Matty were merely keeping each other company.

Perhaps nothing inappropriate transpired between Amor and the mystery man.  Perhaps he too was merely keeping her company in the Rowan’s freight elevator at 4:48 AM without a stitch of clothing on.  Perhaps—perhaps—Amor kept him company so well, that he handed her a tip before exiting the Rowan’s outdoor spa along South Spring Street.

Anyway that’s what Ryan seems to believe.  Moreover, he loves and trusts his girlfriend so much, he recently told StickyDrama that he’s moving to Los Angeles in order to be closer to her.  That might prove an eye-opening experience.


  1. e.o wtf i fucking love amore and u have no fucking right to be stalking her like that and start more shit…. that just sick and fucked up that someone would do something like that!

  2. the fuckkkkkkkkk!
    he’s such a good kid.
    and even as he’s proving to be rather stupid, it feels so surreal for him to be sucked up out of a state of relative normalcy into this crazy, dirty myspace whore lifestyle with his slampig girlfriend. he doesn’t deserve to be on this site, i wish he knew better than to stay involved with any of this.
    idk, he’s straight edge and deserves someone who isn’t going to at least pretend to reciprocate his efforts at cleanliness.

  3. lol what makes me giggle is if shes making so much money why doesnt she fly or bus her boyfreidn ryan to la so she doesnt gotta be a low-pro-ho

  4. This is really funny considering I told ryan she was cheating on him almost 3 weeks ago, maybe longer. But who knows, we all smoke too much cali chronic to be certain. Either way, Amor talks like she knows who I am and point blank told me “You’re one of those people that’s just here to bring me down”. Well, those words seem pretty reasonable if you’re looking in the mirror when you say it Amor. I love how pretty girls think they are god gift to the world, when in actuality they are just another wet hole to put your baby maker in. <3 You Amor ^_^ MUAH XOXOXO

  5. Wow…I herd about this when sticky first showed the video in his live, but I didn’t really understand because he exlained it too quickly. But now that ive read the whole article..Just wow.
    In conclusion;
    Ryan can do waywayway better and needs a reality check.
    And Amor need more self respect and a bit of class.
    And Matty BETTER have just been ‘keeping her company’.
    Nuff said.

  6. ^^
    yes, she really does smell, and she probably gets guys who snort so much cocaine they can’t smell her rank, cheesy smell anymore.
    no one knows for sure though….

  7. Okay great, but here’s the real question: Does Amor really smell bad? And if so, how can she get with all these cute guys?! Who would pay for a smelly ho?

  8. Amor is a slut, Ryan is a dumbass who dates any girl with a tattoo and small waste. They are both at fault.
    But, really? Amor needs some: self respect, dignity, class, boob lift, rehab, hair cut and dye, real eyebrows, and a real life.

  9. …and is that why she carries that brass knuckle around her neck to prtect her from her “guests”,,,,because i assume she has no pimp to protect her ..hmm unless…….ryan is the pimp, and thats why hes cool with everything,,,ahhh now i see, everything is comming together =)

  10. hes literally with her as we speak. they posted this WHILE he was VISITING her. so wtf? something’s fishy about that.

  11. It should be breaking edge to date Amor ahahahaha The fuck is an edge kid doing with her, furreaaal?

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