Its been 3 days since SXSW ended, far long enough for promises to be broken and confidences betrayed.
Let us begin with the most obvious target: Audiowh0regasm, with whom Adam Red Pants Paranoia opened an interesting can of worms when he asked “about last night.”
Seems as though the girl who prides herself on her virginity got all her holes well-stimulated while in Austin.

When she wasn’t pole-dancing she was busy sucking face with God-knows-who. And speaking of sucking, every cocksucker on Stickam wants to know WHAT happened between Dennis Hegstad & Frankie Donjae?
On the subject of sodomy, Adam has been getting awfully close to German nutjob Flula.
Guess we know which one’s the bitch.


  1. they didnt delete the comment, the comments were deleted on accident, as well as frankie donjaes category. he was making a joke about it earlier

  2. WTF! did they have sex or not? i was in Frankies live and they were all over eachother, frankie had his hand in dennises underwear


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