Steven Troye, an OC scene kid who’s been IRL friends with Jeffree Star ever since junior high, recently moved to Hollywood and wants EVERYONE to come see his new place.
While sipping cocktails at the housewarming party, one might wonder how Steven can afford an apartment in such a trendy  location.
Interestingly, rather than post his own 9 inch cock with which he is blessed, Steven posted one of Curtis’s old n00dz.  The red shirt Curtis wore in the above pic matches the one found in other n00dz of his:
Of course, maybe all this is just complete bullshit.  After all, anyone can post as anyone else on Craigslist.  Since in all likelihood this Craigslist ad was a fake, Steven probably won’t get upset over any mention of whoredom.


  1. Check the IP, you’re the one that lives in Chris’ loft rent free, but you certainly take advantage of it.
    8 dollars an hour, 30 years old, no home of your own, AND your kid is in foster care.
    What a life I wish to lead, what a FAB-OU-LOUS life, I WISH I had.
    I’m so jealous Wendy, so jealous.
    By the way, i’m not a fan of Anthony or anyone, i’d just report them cause I can, and it’d be funny.

  2. Meh mammoth whale… we know I’m fat, and Steven is a craigslisting unoriginal homo. My guess is it was Dia who posted that comment, because Steven has no ties, actually neither does she, lol. But the spelling and grammar were too good to be either of them. Probably someone who is jealous. Since isn’t that what everyone says? If they have shit talking to do it’s because they are jealous? Jealous I married my friend? ok.. I have a job? ok And for the record, I do have other places to go besides Fresno, lol. My mommy and daddy don’t support me. I have a real job. And 30 is not that old, lol. People say it like they will NEVER be 30. Like omg! Now if I had gray hair, wrinkles, and a walker, then I might take back what I said about being 30, but alas, I have none of the above <3

  3. ^ Is you turn her in to the INS they will take your little butt bandit with her to jail and then deport him. If you love AV so much I suggest you don’t do that or you will be one of those dirty hobo’s giving bj’s for a blanket to make the little cardboard box you will be living in a bit more comfy. So I would totally think about what you said. Thanks and have a fucking horrid day!

  4. When you’re 30 years old, and living in someone elses house cause the only other place you’ve got left to go is Fresno, because you’ve fucked your life up completley by marrying a crazy drama filled homosexual THAT’S PATHETIC.
    Keep talking shit about me, you forget why ties I have and If I so much as opened my mouth that your marriage is a sham you will go to a federal jail.
    Quit talking shit you mammoth whale.

  5. Steven is full of shit, i used to help him with his rent once. Now he is a whore? Well, this is totally disrespectful of himself. And It is isn’t old news.

  6. Funny that I don’t even weigh 200 pounds. Second if you do something life changing for your best friend, they should at least act like they are grateful. And thirdly, I have a real job.
    Steven however developes his thoughts from everything gays worship. For example.. If one was never familiar with the “Kelly” videos (Shoes, Text message break-up) you would believe that Steven invented the words “betch” and “deq”. And that’s just the beginning.
    For someone who sucks dicks for dollars to talk shit on people who actually have REAL JOBS is just pathetic. When someone doesn’t have an original thought in their head and have to steal their thoughts from songs, movies, tv shows, ect… it’s pathetic. And when you sit there and say how happy you are that someone is dead, it’s just pathetic. When you have to talk shit about everyone you know so you look “cool” to whoever you’re with, it’s just pathetic. So basically, Steven Troye… not his real name… is just PATHETIC. If someone was doing my boyfriend the biggest favor of his life, I would at least show a little respect as opposed to talking shit and making myself look like an idiot.

  7. SO DOES ANYBODY IN OR AROUND THE LA AREA EVEN KNOW WHAT THE FUCK A JOB IS? SERIOUSLY, JUST CURIOUS!!!! fucking starting to hate s.california kids. yes, kids.

  8. Holy shit, I totally forgot about this kid. This little faggot, Raquel Reed, and J* showed up to a house party my roommates were throwing going on and on about some bullshit that happened at ’82 or Moscow, what the fuck ever- Shit was whack. All those kids suuuuuuuck.

  9. its as clear as deannas eating problem that she doesnt like steven becuase anthony has a real boyfriend and ignores her 300 pound ass

  10. meh Nik, you don’t know him as well as you think you do, because he has probably talked shit on you like he does EVERYBODY else. Mind you he has stated that he is “sooo happy Ian Vuitton died” on numerous occasions.

  11. Pretty sure sticky was denied the Troye dick and is butthurt. Your parents money is not accepted as many places it once was eh Chris?


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