Hannah Renee has a thing or two to learn about Stickam.  One, as a rule you shouldn’t masturbate for strangers on a webcam:   They’re probably recording you.
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Two, if you stupidly do masturbate on webcam, don’t confide to those strangers embarassingly personal details about yourself, like the fact that you need someone to tell you how sexy you are in order to cum.
Just some friendly advice.


  1. She is obviously role playing for someone. “Im new in town, dont know anybody” “I need you to tell me Im sexy so I can get off” “Dont think Im a slut, I have needs”
    Shes trying to play a part and shes obviously doing it well because you all believe she’s being sincere.

  2. since this was posted, over 2479879823 more videos of underage (stupid) girls masturbating on cam for people they dont know and probably twice their age were made.
    sad but probably true.

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