As first reported by former Justice Department prosecutor and present George Washington University law professor Orin Kerr, the U.S. Attorney’s office here in Los Angeles filed notice last week that it will not appeal the verdict in the controversial Lori Drew case.
A federal jury had found Ms. Drew guilty of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a verdict that effectively made violating a private company’s TOS a federal offense.  But U.S. District Judge George Wu set aside the verdict and ruled applicable sections of the Act unconstitutional.  At the time, the U.S. Attorney’s office indicated to look at these guys as they might appeal Judge Wu’s decision.
But last week’s filing took the possibility of an appeal off the table.  Lori Drew will never again face criminal charges for her harassment of Megan Meier, harassment which ultimately drove the 13-year-old girl to commit suicide.


  1. It is true there was no statute for cyber-bullying, but it takes a truly “original” crime for a new law to go into effect. So in that sense, the charges were baseless.
    HOWEVER, I do not understand why a criminal charge of child abuse wasn’t filed. She may not have forseen the consequences of her actions, but then again, does a drunk person who gets behind the wheel of a car do so for the express purpose of killing a fellow motorist? It is OUTRAGEOUS that this woman did not suffer any legal consequences, even without a precedent!
    While the statute may have been lacking, laws have been bent all the time to get rulings that are in somebody’s favor. You can put a person in jail for dog fights, but when a young girl ends up dead because of an adult’s abuse and the bitch is free to go, then there’s something wrong.
    The law is supposed to be logical and to provide justice, and when justice is lost, then the law needs to fixed!
    My opinion – give her a year in jail and a $100,000 fine. A child is DEAD!!

  2. I wonder why the 13 year old kept going on the internet. Anyone? She was a glutton for harassment.

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  4. “She looks like every person I serve on a Sunday AM shift.”
    Well, throw shit at all of them just in case she happens to be there. Mass punishment is the way of us Americans!

  5. i dont think she deserves to go to jail because her son and then ya he wouldnt have a mother so i dont think its wrong

  6. You’re all fucking morons. Lori Drew did a service to this country. I support suicide — if you’re considering suicide, you shouldn’t be alive. Anyone who can be manipulated into committing suicide doesn’t deserve to live.
    I support Darwin.

  7. She’s just a dumb bitch… too bad she is just another face in the crowd and can move away and have people never know about this. She looks like every person I serve on a Sunday AM shift.
    I hope she has can’t sleep at night because of what she did… but then again if she’s the type to pick on a 13y/o then she’s probably just fine and dandy with everything.

  8. well, i hope this fat bitch gets harrassed for the rest of her life by angry people who feel justice wasn’t served, just like how SHE harrassed an innocent THIRTEEN year old.
    what a pathetic bitch. i hope her life is miserable.

  9. she must have one damn amazing lawyer, she’s not going to prison?! even though someone who is in prison didn’t even did worse things than her.

  10. I am happy you posted this. I am not happy about the outcome of the case though…
    I am writing a term paper on how there should be harsher laws for cyberbullying and cyberharassment. This really helps!

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