Cody Collier, known on Stickam as Too Live, coll1er and leader of the now-defunct Team n0d, has finally been found.

The teenage hacker, whose attacks against Stickam ultimately resulted in a Cease & Desist Letter, made national headlines in The New York Times and attracted the attention of the FBI.  Cody admitted as much on his own blog, which is presently offline.

StickyDrama, whose site Cody has hacked several times in the past, visually confirmed that Collier resides with his mother Denise Zampano (the surname Collier comes from his estranged father) at  8435 Southgate Commons Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277. We even snapped a nightvision shot of his mother’s license plates:

While we don’t normally post personal contact information, this struck us as a worthwhile exception:  The countless users whom Cody stalked and harassed might wish to inform his mother what a naughty son she has—too bad she doesn’t have a publicly listed phone number.  However, her relatives Steve and Vanessa Zampano do.  (We recommend talking to Steve, he’s a lulzy Jesus freak.)


  1. Anonymous said, March 9th, 2009 at 10:09 am
    Im just curious as to why this post is still up if this Cody and his friends are such great hackers.
    oshi u haz a point

  2. Im just curious as to why this post is still up if this Cody and his friends are such great hackers.

  3. Taking pictures that one night does not meet the legal definition of stalking in North Carolina:
    Also you can’t discount the fact he’s attacked this site at least twice, and made many threats against its owners, before we made any effort to identify him.
    Posting someone’s address online isn’t illegal unless you encourage people to harm or kill the person.

  4. you’re saying HE should be punished for stalking?
    damn, son. you went to his house at night, took pictures of his mother’s car and home, and posted all his shit.
    i’m more than sure that’s illegal.

  5. I love Jon. But, however Cody may be a dick, but he’s so nice. Why not get to know him ?

  6. Jon you’re just angry Cody made you swallow to teach you how to DDOS. Everyone knows you really can’t do shit, that’s why Cody kicked you to the curb like an old couch.

  7. Router said, March 4th, 2009 at 11:34 am
    This house is the house Hey0oxjon would see before his weekly ass pounding from Cody, that would be in exchange for Cody’s mentoring young Jon.
    Oh look router riding my ballsac @ fullforce as usual
    no suprise there ROFL
    you get a job yet 40 year old pedo with no cam?

  8. Wow Sticky, he’s kinda cute for being on the shit list. I would suggest a tete-a-tete and maybe sucking a little contrition out of the little juicy member.

  9. I hope you realize this is against the law, hence why in real tv shows (cops, real world, any reality show mostly) they always blur out the license plates. Have fun hearing from their lawyer from this kid ha.

  10. i don’t agree with posting someone’s personal information on the web. no matter what they did. there are a whole lot of crazies out there… and people are capable of anything.

  11. ^ It’s a weak way to avoid something you’re obviously afraid of. The only time you expose someone over the internet is if you want someone else to handle your own personal boo hoo issues. If you’ve got such a problem with someone that you’re willing to post their personal information, and have someone take photos of his house then man up and handle it yourself. You hack him, you fuck with his house, keep it to yourself you fucking newfags.

  12. To all those who say “you are a pussy for taking pictures instead of fighting him” I think giving out someone who has many enemies’ personal information on the internet is more adequate ownage then physically fighting someone. Being exposed is far worse than a black eye. Just a thought.

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