Scandalous Teen Model @mmmKikiKannibal Recounts Years of Cyberstalking & Cyberbullies

The ever so well-adjusted Kiki Kannibal recently typed several small essays in formspring responses describing her experience in dealing with...

@JakeFuckingWolf on @mmmKikiKannibal's Mother, Vagina, Maturity and their Breakup

Recently we had the splendid occasion to catch Jake Wolf blabbing away about his ex-girlfriend Kiki Kannibal. Here's what he...

Naffie Does Kiki

Naffie, argualbly Stickam's most hated bipolar cocksucker, recently pulled off a hilarious impersonation of Stickam's most hated cum dumpster, Kiki...

Quit Your Yapping and Just Suck It, Whore!

StickyDrama has been sitting back for a few days, letting Kiki Kannibal run her mouth on the subject of recreational...

Alert the Governor of Florida

Kiki Kannibal, the archetypal child who encompasses everything that goes wrong when parents buy their children a computer, will today...

Mama Kannibal Threatens Kiki's Ex With Death

StickyDrama sat down the other day to start writing again---we needed a few days off, crucify us---and felt it was...

Quelle Surprise @mmmKikiKannibal


Only Kiki Could

If countless news reports like this one and that one have documented how Myspace is a popular hangout for statutory...

Kannibals Claim Ownership of Cespedes's Image

Danny Cespedes, aka Mr. Myspace, passed away nearly 7 months ago, but the Myspace Murder Mystery refuses to die. ...

Titty Talk with Mama Kannibal

Remember the picture of Kiki Kannibal's tits, the photo that launched a thousand hateful blogs? Listen to her airhead...
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