Myspace Murder Mystery

Approximately 6 months have passed since the death of 19-year-old Daniel Cespedes, shown here in his coffin and known on...

Kiki Kannibal E-Bio

The archetypal child who embodies everything that goes wrong when a teenager gets a webcam. Stickam's top-ranked female Entertainer for years,...

Kiki and Amor Tag-Team @JakeFuckingWolf

What you are about to read is like nothing less than watching Kiki Kannibal and Amor Hilton don big, thick...

Scandalous Teen Model @mmmKikiKannibal Recounts Years of Cyberstalking & Cyberbullies

The ever so well-adjusted Kiki Kannibal recently typed several small essays in formspring responses describing her experience in dealing with...

Mama Kannibal Threatens Kiki's Ex With Death

StickyDrama sat down the other day to start writing again---we needed a few days off, crucify us---and felt it was...

Quit Your Yapping and Just Suck It, Whore!

StickyDrama has been sitting back for a few days, letting Kiki Kannibal run her mouth on the subject of recreational...

Quelle Surprise @mmmKikiKannibal


@JakeWolfCrunk and His 8-inch Kiki-Buster (censored)

There are two things in this cold cruel world that StickyDrama loves:   1.  Big hard cock   2.  Posting about Kiki Kannibal   Combining the...

A Bright Future Ahead of Her


Kannibal Family Meltdown: Kiki vs Mama

Kiki Kannibal and StickyDrama agree on at least one thing:  Mama Kannibal is a crazy bitch. The shit hit the fan...