Kiki's New Man?

  It was brought to StickyDrama's attention that the undisputed Queen of Internet Drama, Kiki Kannibal, just yesterday had added a...

Spin Magazine Exposés Cyberstalking on Stickam

Spin Magazine's April edition features an extensive article exploring cyberstalking on Stickam.   Gosh, we had no idea this sort of...

Malice Millionaire: "Cespedes Raped Kiki; Kannibals Not Involved With Police"

StickyDrama often receives letters from our readers and the subjects of our posts.  For various reasons, we do not post...

Business Law With Kiki Kannibal

Watching Kiki's latest doozey over on her youtube has made the CFL wonder if perhaps we're too optimistic about the...

Kannibal Family Meltdown: Kiki vs Mama

Kiki Kannibal and StickyDrama agree on at least one thing:  Mama Kannibal is a crazy bitch. The shit hit the fan...

Kiki’s Tortured Existence

Kiki certainly has her own unique blend of humor. She was really having a blast with herself in her recent...

Minus the Brains


Kiki's n00dz Appear On Commercial Porn Site

16 -year-old Kiki Kannibal is officially the new Traci Lords. Kiki's first n00dz, in which she reveals her breasts---not to be...

A Bright Future Ahead of Her


Posthumous Ghettosamii n00dz Surface

Long-time Stickam users might remember the story of Ghettosamii, whose death last year sent shockwaves throughout the entire network. But...