If you weren’t lucky enough to be in Chris Crocker’s private room last night on Stickam, worry not. You missed a show that for some would be arousing — and others surely vomit inducing. Before a crowd of about 20 people in his dimly lit room, Crocker gave an interesting dance with pigtails and a sock on his junk.

Sadly this video isn’t the best quality — although its still very lullzy to watch. Thanks to hottie Mike F’kn G for sharing!

http://i42.tinypic.com/29glemq.gif .wmv | .mov


  1. Wow lmmfao ….Watch it again notice his Peen is as small as his microphone??WOW…Sad Indeed…But freaking halarious!~ Thank You Sticky Drama….XOXOXOX First good laugh I had ALL damn DAY!!!!!

  2. that was very strange, didnt know how to react at times. hes got a nice bum ahahaha. but that penis sock thing was just very…i cant even think of a word i feeel mezmerized :S

  3. Hahaha that queer. i was originaly gonna just record a loop of him and use it for laughs but then he started stripping. i was loling and thought to my self. this would look good on SD

  4. Lol i liked that video:)That’s why i love chris so much cuz he is crazy.And i was in his live when he did this but i think he was dancing to trina or khia?

  5. You can dance on coaches?
    I don’t think that’s allowed..

    Chris is disgusting.
    This video is proof.
    He’s sunk to his lowest and is now crying out for attention.

  6. I don’t give a fuck how many haters chris has! He is cute as hell:)And that song made me want to dance on my coach lol

  7. his penis does not look small?!I mean its not even hard!! I dunno chris has a nice body. lol and he was rockin them tails!!

  8. haha ive seen his nudes his penis is smalll haha
    and this is not the first time he dance in front of the cam with just a sock on his dick lol

  9. Wow, this is really disturbing.

    and obviously the size of his attitude is in no way proportional to his very much lacking penis.

  10. its funny how chris does this shit an never gets banned but when others do there banned right away. like in the past month chris has show’d his penis in the bath tub. showed penis in johnny boys live AND shoved a bar of soap up his ass and now this. WTF

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