If you weren’t lucky enough to be in Chris Crocker’s private room last night on Stickam, worry not. You missed a show that for some would be arousing — and others surely vomit inducing. Before a crowd of about 20 people in his dimly lit room, Crocker gave an interesting dance with pigtails and a sock on his junk.

Sadly this video isn’t the best quality — although its still very lullzy to watch. Thanks to hottie Mike F’kn G for sharing!

http://i42.tinypic.com/29glemq.gif .wmv | .mov


  1. Wow lmmfao ….Watch it again notice his Peen is as small as his microphone??WOW…Sad Indeed…But freaking halarious!~ Thank You Sticky Drama….XOXOXOX First good laugh I had ALL damn DAY!!!!!

  2. that was very strange, didnt know how to react at times. hes got a nice bum ahahaha. but that penis sock thing was just very…i cant even think of a word i feeel mezmerized :S

  3. Hahaha that queer. i was originaly gonna just record a loop of him and use it for laughs but then he started stripping. i was loling and thought to my self. this would look good on SD

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