StickyDrama hasn’t checked the ol’ Matthew Lush category in what seems like an eternity, and god damn it felt good!  His blond beau Connor Jon tweeted recently that Lush dumped him.




Lush’s twitter, meanwhile, is curiously silent on the matter.  On Lush’s Myspace, we noticed a cheesy poem that might obliquely confirm the breakup; yet his main Youtube video remains his and Connor’s one-year anniversary.


Didn’t have to be Miss Cleo to see this one coming.  It must have made Lush fret, everyone always asking him what a cute young fagling like Connor was doing with a phony aging queen like him—and fretting just makes more wrinkles!   “Someobody else” is someone who will undoubtedly make Lush look less old and ugly.


  1. Lush’s asshole must be so stretched out that he can barely keep control of his bowels. Shit falls out, literally! Gotta pay that rent somehow!

  2. The fact that he’s still on myspace shows he’s washed up. Everyone is on Facebook now but I guess since you can’t be a whore on facebook it won’t work for him.
    And washed up implies he was something before he washed up. Not true he just floating in the ocean like trash until he washed up, like a toothbrush, on the island of plastic where seagulls breed.

  3. Oh Matthew if only you had convictions instead of selling Chinese made shirts at Hot Topic.
    And really if you won’t date anyone over 18… I think you’d better take your fan money and get a pscho-something to fix your problem.

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