From the outset, StickyDrama knew that studpuppy Dennis Hegstad and asshole-flashing has-been Chris Crocker were never really dating. Dennis had assured us that it was all a publicity stunt.

But out of that dirty lie, some beautifully genuine drama sprouted. A week into their phony online romance, Crocker & Dennis met irl at Regina’s. The blonde tranny, whom witnesses described as “drunk,” tried to kiss the str8 cutie; Dennis refused and walked away. While he didn’t mind hugging for a picture, kissing a nasty cocksucker like Crocker was too much for his stomach to handle. Thereupon—and this detail was confirmed by Frankie Donjae and Tyler Wade, who were also present—thereupon, Crocker began yelling that Dennis was a “closet case” and that his girlfriend (who was also present) was a “bitch!”
Dennis and his girlfriend were highly offended and left immediately, as the humiliated Crocker was stewing in his tranny juices. Later, Dennis noticed that he had been removed from Crocker’s Top 8 on Myspace. Of the cocksucker’s behavior Dennis remarked:

Oh, and Crocker—ever rubbed Vaseline on Dennis’s body?  StickyDrama has. It was wonderful.


  1. To the cunt who said ‘talking about chris’s parents is taking it to far’… fuck you. Chris Crocker is the biggest faggot of all time. He is a shit stain to my generation, and a pathetic waste of human flesh. Fuck him. Why would anyone feel sorry for this cocksucker? I don’t hate him because he is gay. I hate him because he is an unintelligent, ignorant, whiny, useless fuck. I don’t see how this guy has fans. Ridiculous.
    Chris if you are reading this… Pull your fucking wig out, stop using make up, and wear some normal clothes. You were born a male, and nothing you can do will change that. Think that aint fair? Tough luck psychopath.
    Anyways… nice going Dennis. At least you didn’t pull a Hock and make out with a dude.

  2. Sure I don’t particularly like Chris Crocker, but the comment about his parents was definitely taking it to far. Thats fucked up.
    Anyways, Dennis is a sweetheart, but in that picture he looks stoned out of his mind. He works it wonderfully 🙂

  3. omg and this is when I love you stickydrama!
    Ha Chris Crocker is getting fat.
    He’s probably trying to get fatter to get a bigger clit
    Chris Crocker needs to realize he’s a nobody. His fans only suck up to his titties to try and make fame for themselves.
    No one loves Chris. Not even his parents. I bet they are rolling over in their graves in disgrace of their nasty tranny son!

  4. Im so glad no one likes chris. i went to college in his home town…i ran into him at a gayclub back in january…fucking douchebag. he’s from a fucking rednecktown. he’s a nobody. i talked to him at the local mall a week after his shitty britney video…and was very quiet and to himself. it was better when he was his real self.

  5. LOL @ Sticky rubbing lotion or vaseline or whatever on Dennis’s tattoo when he went to Philly/NY. Tisk tisk Sticky for making it sound like more than it was. Haha. You are the best at this drama stuff!
    And ummmmmmm I’d just like to point out [since Dennis didn’t feel the need to] That Jeffrey does the same shit. He will make you feel so bad by asking you to sit in the front seat when you drive places because he doesn’t like when “we are driving around and people stare at him” because it makes him feel “uncomfortable”. Shit when he said that I was like awwww it must suck Being him a lot of the time. But then we would get to where we were going and he would scream across the store “Hey sir, can I suck your dick?!” Or like when we had to wait in the car for our table to be ready at the restaurant because, again, he didn’t want people staring… but as soon as we walk in he announces loud enough for anyone within 40 feet of him about how wet he is.
    Uhg. He was only like this I’d say about 70% of the time… but still, the trannies need to learn when the appropriate time is…

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