About Fucking Time

Few things in this life are certain. Heartache. Death. Taxes. And the acrimonious exchanges sure to...

Post-Hock, Amor Tells All

"You always end up right." With those words, Amor Hilton became the first girl to give StickyDrama an orgasm since ......

Elliot Ben Joins NAMBLA

First and foremost, the Center For Lollatology is extremely privileged to join Sticky - at a now elevated level -...

Quelle Surprise @mmmKikiKannibal

http://twitter.com/mmmkikikannibal http://twitter.com/jakewolfcrunk

@JakeFuckingWolf on @mmmKikiKannibal's Mother, Vagina, Maturity and their Breakup

Recently we had the splendid occasion to catch Jake Wolf blabbing away about his ex-girlfriend Kiki Kannibal. Here's what he...

Another Hock Breakup; Players Crammed in Bulletins

For StickyDrama, the most tiresome thing on earth is reporting the immature antics of John Hock. Truth be told, nothing...

Quelle Surprise, Part Deux: @AmorHilton and @NICHOLASinHD Kaputz, Fighting and Homeless

OMFG NOBODY SAW THIS ONE COMING!!!  Scene princess Amor Hilton didn't have her fairy tale ending with her prince Nick...

@Stevie_Ryan Confirms: @itsAdamFranklin Dumped, Kicked Out

The always gorgeous and usually secretive YouTube entertainer Stevie Ryan confirmed in an exclusive telephone interview that she has broken...

Kannibal Family Meltdown: Kiki vs Mama

Kiki Kannibal and StickyDrama agree on at least one thing:  Mama Kannibal is a crazy bitch. The shit hit the fan...

Hock & Amor Breaking Up?

John Hock apparently hasn't realized that StickyDrama has eyes and ears everywhere. Early this morning in Pandah's Live he...
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